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GMC Hummer EV specs: An SUV vs. SUT comparison

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Last weekend, GMC revealed its SUV version of the Hummer EV. While we had pricing and availability info for our launch article, we had few other details. GMC did finally reveal additional specs and made some comparisons to the previously revealed pickup truck, or SUT as GMC likes to call it.

So, I went down the rabbit hole and created a table of the Hummer EV specs (below), SUV vs. the SUT.

While a lot of the vehicle specifications are similar, there are two key specs that are quite different: wheelbase and length. The wheelbase for the SUV is 9 inches shorter and the length is 20 inches less. To me this says GMC views the SUV as the volume seller, and the one people will use more frequently in an urban environment. The marketing materials support this as the Crab Walk function previewed in off-road situations for the SUT is now showcased as an urban marvel with parallel parking genius.

Because I’m the curious sort, I drew some additional comparisons between the upcoming Hummer EV SUV and the old gasoline Hummer H2 of yore. I was actually surprised to see the EV is not only longer but also wider than its predecessor. In fact, it’s even wider than the Ram TRX – and we all know how well that did in a city environment.

So, frankly, I’m laughing out loud (literally) at the idea of the Hummer EV SUV being an urban vehicle. At all. Which means I’ll likely be dragging that vehicle through drive thru windows and parallel parking it in Chicago as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Hummer EV SUVHummer EV SUT2009 Hummer H2
Base price:$79,995$79,995$64,040
Top price:$110,595$112,595n/a
Max horepower:830 hp1,000 hp393 hp
Max torque:11,500 lb-ft11,500 lb-ft415 lb-ft
Max range:300 miles350 miles320 (est)
Fastest 0-60 mph time:3.5 seconds3 seconds9.1 seconds
Wheelbase (in.):126.7135.6122.8
Vehicle length w/o spare (in.):196.8216.8189.8
Width w/o mirrors (in.):86.586.781.2
Width w/ mirrors (in.):93.793.7n/a
Max ground clearance (in.):1615.910.8
Front overhang (in.):34.734.732.6
Rear overhang w/o spare (in.):35.546.5n/a
Max approach angle (deg.):49.649.743
Max departure angle w/o spare (deg.):4938.440
Max breakover angle (deg.):34.432.227.5
Max water fording depth (in.):323224
Track width (in.):73.3 (front and rear)73.3 (front and rear)69.4
Turning circle, with available 4 Wheel Steer (ft.):35.437.143.5
Suspension travel (in.):13 (front and rear)13 (front and rear)n/a

The bottom line on the Hummer EV specs

While there is still a lot we don’t know about the Hummer EVs – I mean, we are still 2 to 3 years away from real production volume – I’m intrigued by the capability and range the SUV and SUT offer. By comparing them to their gasoline predecessor, you can see the EVs are better in pretty much every aspect – including range.

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Jill Ciminillo

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