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Publisher Tim Esterdahl just got the 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited spec sheet for the truck he is buying. Watch the video now as he goes through the pricing, details and packages on the Tundra Limited he ordered. Now that he has the spec sheet, he can break down the price of each option.

2022 Toyota Tundra Limited spec sheet

The base price for the Tundra Limited Crew Max 4×4 is $53,595.

Esterdahl chose some extra installed options like premium audio, a better towing package, LED headlight and bedlamps, wireless charing, a TRD off-road package, a big power moonroof and a heated leather steering wheel. These additions came to $5,930.

That brings the total on this 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited to $59,525. Esterdahl has been gracious enough to not only walk us through each option in the video below but also share the PDF of the spec sheet so you can see it for yourself.

2022 Toyota Tundra Limited spec sheet

Click to Enlarge/View PDF

Costs less than expected?

In a prior video, Esterdahl went over what he expected to pay, based on the recently released pricing from Toyota. However, his truck ended up costing less than his original calculations due to the fact that air suspension isn’t an option when you select the TRD off-road package. So, he’s saving some money there.

And because he didn’t have time to wait for the Tundra hybrid, he’ll save money on the engine as well.

All said and done, Esterdahl is expecting his monthly payments to come in around $850/month. Add on the insurance for a new truck and it will likely cost about $1,000/month. He admits he could have gotten the monthly payments lower by putting down a large downpayment, but since this is a business purchase for tax purposes, he didn’t feel that was necessary.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think of Esterdahl’s choices in options and if the price seems reasonable to you. What would you have done differently?

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