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The SEMA show in Las Vegas is always a spectacle. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show takes place November 2-5 and will showcase customized vehicles and hundreds of quality-tested, factory-backed performance parts and accessories. Currently we’re intrigued by what Stellantis at SEMA might bring.

I mean, this show has always been a place for automakers to display concepts and retro mods as well as highlight the aftermarket products affiliated with their vehicles. Almost a month before this show, Stellantis has teased us with five renderings of what they will have to show at SEMA. And we are intrigued by a couple of these images.

There’s a retro mod throwback to an old military truck from Jeep, and even more of interest, there’s a curious tease of what looks like a Ram TRX plowing through the desert — but with a very obvious blue Ram badge on the front. So what does this mean, and what will Stellantis at SEMA be?

We reached out for more details to the automotive manufacturer and received “no further comment” at this time. So for now, we only have these teased images to go with, but let’s look at what we can glean from these images (pictured in the gallery below), and make some assumptions.

Blue Ram logo

It’s oh-so-subtle, but look at the drawing of this Ram TRX, and you see something significant. The blue Ram logo on the grille clearly indicates either a hybridized version of the TRX a full-blown electrified version is coming to SEMA.

Notice also the blue tow hooks on this truck. That’s not accidental. Clearly Stellantis wants us to see this and clearly this means something. Speculation abounds that it could mean a Jeep 4xe version of the Ram truck is coming. And that makes a lot of sense. But if that’s true, the powertrain that it might share would be a major step down in power and performance for the TRX.

What if, instead of a gentle hybrid with very little EV range like the 4xe, this teased image is a look at the electrified future? We learned at Stellantis’ EV Day that the global automaker will be building four battery-electric-vehicle-centric platforms that will be the backbone of all the electrified vehicles from the automaker – covering everything from the littlest Fiat all the way to the largest Ram.

So could this be the STLA large-framed battery platform vehicle we know is coming? That would be more exciting to us than just a 4xe version of the Ram 1500 or TRX. Imagine the shockwaves if Ram shows up at SEMA with a pickup truck with 500 miles of electric range.

M715 truck on display

SEMA is a great place to show off concepts and throwbacks. Obviously most of the vehicles that are displayed at the show never become anything and are more just eye candy to draw people to the booth and display area. Jeep is always a draw at SEMA with its rich history.

In the sketch provided, the Jeep concept for SEMA is obviously a throwback to the Kaiser Jeep M715. But at SEMA this will likely get a modern spin with a lot of a Mopar overlanding accessories. SEMA is huge for Mopar who thrives off accessories for brands like Jeep and Dodge.

Stellantis at SEMA

The remaining teaser images are less eye-opening, and hint toward what will be a big display at SEMA for Stellantis.

Clearly it will show off a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon as well as a Ram 1500. What would be more of interest with these will be the Jeep Performance Parts available and highlighted along with the aftermarket accessories that will be shown off.

Overlanding and off roading is huge now, post-pandemic. We recently wrote about the Rebelle Rally and Stellantis’ participation in the largest off-road rally in the U.S. As such, you can expect a heap of accessories to be showcased during SEMA.

The bottom line on Stellantis at SEMA

We appreciate Stellantis being the first automaker out the gate with some teasers about what we can expect at SEMA. We also didn’t expect any further comment from them. As such, we are left to our speculation and assumptions.

It’s a safe bet that either a hybrid Ram TRX (or 1500 variant) or an electrified version is coming to Las Vegas next month. That blue Ram logo is too obvious and too good of an indicator that something cool is coming to SEMA for Ram.

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