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Wait! That’s not a truck: 2022 Mini Cooper JCW video review


Be honest now. Every time you see a Mini Cooper on the highway you love it, don’t you? There’s just something so unique and fun about these little cars and the 2-door 2022 Mini Cooper JCW (John Cooper Works) is a little extra special with its dark metallic green paint and red racing stripes, roof and mirror caps. In this video, Publisher Tim Esterdahl reviews the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW with a two-door hardtop and a 6-speed manual mated to a turbo 4-cylinder engine.

The Mini Cooper JCW is small, oddly styled for a typical U.S. vehicle and Esterdahl says it’s fun as heck to drive.

Wait. That’s not a truck!

This may be a truck and SUV outlet, but every once in a while we get to drive something completely different and for Esterdahl, this week it’s the Mini Cooper. So, let’s see what a truck guy has to say about this little compact car.

First off, it’s stinking cool. Check out that on/off switch on the center console. Second: it’s a manual with lots of get-up-and-go. Being small, it corners well, and while the interior is a little tight, the quirky features like the circular door handles and infotainment screen make up for it.

The 2022 Mini Cooper JCW comes with a dual moonroof, a premium Harmon Kardon sound system, dual exhaust and, my favorite, which Esterdahl totally forgot to point out, Union Jack taillights.

The 2022 Mini Cooper JCW is miniature

As its name suggests, this is a small car. Like really small. It would be ideal for a single person or a couple who doesn’t have kids. It does have a backseat, but Esterdahl said his 9-year-old found it to be a little tight. There’s also not a lot of storage space behind the back seat unless you put those seats down.

While a lot of small cars feel really cramped and tiny, the visibility in the Mini Cooper is better than you’d expect thanks to large windows and small A-pillars. It’s also fairly quiet with the hardtop.

What do you think? If you didn’t have kids would the 2022 Mini Cooper JCW be something you’d consider? Be sure to watch the video for more fun features and Esterdahl’s notes about fuel economy and more.

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Erica Mueller

Erica Mueller is a Texan, which means she believes that trucks are family vehicles and giant SUVs make good second cars. As part-time auto journalist for almost a decade, Erica enjoys driving all kinds of vehicles and sharing her experiences with others. Erica is the secretary of the board for the Texas Auto Writers Association as well as a contributor at A Girls Guide to Cars.

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