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New Ford Maverick pricing tops out around $36K

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Though Ford didn’t officially release the pricing on the 2022 Ford Maverick to the media, they did open up the configurator so consumers could spec out what their pickup truck might look like.

So, I decided to play around a bit. Here are a few interesting things I found.

The base price is actually $21k

Ford made a big splash about having a hybrid pickup less than $20k, but as I point out in my reveal article, it isn’t really. It always irks me when automakers cite prices that don’t include destination fees because I always get that bait-and-switch feeling.

So, looking at the configurator for Maverick pricing, you can see that $19,995 + $1,495 gives you an actual base price of $21,490.

Top price is $36k

When I opted for the Lariat trim with the up-level 2.0-liter EcoBoost, I added every package I could but none of the accessories. That included the 4K Tow Package ($475), Ford Co-Pilot 360 ($540), First Edition Package ($1,495) and the Lariat Luxury Package ($3,340). Including destination fee ($1,495), that would bring the final price to $36,410.

As a side note: You can only get the First Edition Package on the Lariat trim.

The Lariat Luxury package is well stocked

This is the whistles-and-bells package that includes things such as a 400W inverter, bed tie-down locking rails with two locking brackets, a bedliner spray in, B&O premium audio, heated mirrors, heated seats, heated steering wheel, a key fob with remote start, LED box lighting, Sync 3 and a wireless charging pad.

You also have to add Co-Pilot 360 if you add the Lariat Luxury package, so all those extra safety features such as adaptive cruise control and lane centering are also included.

The up-level engine adds $1,085

Across all three trims, the price to add the premium engine is $1,085. Sometimes automakers will vary the price depending on trim level, but thankfully Ford didn’t do that here.

There’s only one package on the base XL

The base truck really doesn’t give you many options. As a hybrid, Maverick is front-wheel drive only, so you can’t add the off-road or tow packages. Plus, there aren’t really any paint or wheel options that will cost you extra. So, the only option you can get is Co-Pilot 360.

Once you go to the up-level engine, you can add the tow package but not much else.

XLT seems just right

For my money, the XLT trim seems to hit the sweet spot in terms of options, pricing and packages. You have XLT Luxury Package ($2,345), FX4 Off-Road Package ($800), 4K Tow Package and Co-Pilot 360 all available to you. But note, you can’t get both Luxury and FX4 Off-Road packages at the same time. It’s one or the other.

The off-road package will add things such as exposed tow hooks, hill descent control, a productivity screen in the instrument cluster, skid plates, select drive modes, a trailer hitch with a four-pin connector and a heavy-duty radiator.

The lux package, on the other hand, like the Lariat version, adds things such as heated seats (no heated steering wheel on XLT), LED box lighting, a 400W inverter and spray-in bedliner.

Maverick pricing

Luxury packages on the 2022 Ford Maverick add things such as heated front seats and up-level seating surfaces. (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

Complete pricing

So you don’t have to go through the configurator, here’s a breakdown of the trim pricing with destination fees included.

Hybrid2.0L EcoBoost
XL$21,490 $22,575
XLT$23,775 $24,860
Lariat$26,985 $28,070

The bottom line on Maverick pricing

Even with a base price more than $20K, we think the 2022 Maverick is well priced – especially considering that a base XL Ranger SuperCrew 4X2 starts at $29,310 with destination. Gulp. Yeah, you’ll lose some bed space and functionality with the Maverick, but you pick up interior volume and a little more flexibility for urban spaces.

We’re super curious to see how this new entry in the pickup truck market does – and if other automakers will follow suit with their own compact pickup offerings.

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