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Win or fail? 2020 Toyota Tacoma power seats

Toyota Tacoma power seats
Off-roading? You’ll want to keep the power seats in their lowest position. (Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales)

New for 2020, the Toyota Tacoma power seats make headlines, and some of them are painful. Tacoma owners are crazy about their trucks — and rightfully so. The Tacoma has a reputation for being one of the longest-lasting midsize pickup trucks on the road, not to mention the capabilities of this truck are just outstanding. But some Tacoma owners have wished for power seats, and in 2020, Toyota delivered.

Or did they?

How much do the seats raise?

According to Toyota, the seats raise a total of 1.8 inches. This is quite a big difference for a vertically challenged driver. Publisher, Tim Esterdahl shows us just how much the driver’s view changes when the seat is raised, and he really likes that. But there are some cons, too.

Time to raise the roof

The Tacoma already has an angled doorframe that can make entering and exiting the truck difficult for those with a longer torso. While this design element gives the truck a really cool appearance, it can be quite a pain for the driver. Literally. When the seat is raised, the head clearance in the door frame is even smaller, and so is the head clearance inside the truck. When Esterdahl tested it, he needed to have the moonroof open in order to sit straight up in the drivers seat.

It looks like it may be time for Toyota to think about working on headspace for the Tacoma, whether or not the power seats are here to stay.

Win or fail? Toyota Tacoma power seats

If you owned this truck, would you be excited about the power seats and the ability to raise your seat 1.8 inches or would you prefer to have some other option on your truck?

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  1. If you’re over 6′ and 200ish pounds, the current Tacoma will be the most uncomfortable pickup truck you’ve ever sat in, with or without a power seat. Anyone who says otherwise is a fawner for Toyota.

    • Not necessarily. My husband is 6′ 2″ and closer to 300lb and has always enjoyed the Tacoma when I’ve had loaners for reviews. Of course, he prefers a larger truck, but he’s never complained about the Tacoma.


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