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Ram TRX debuts Know & Go app, developed in-house by employees


Know & Go

The 2021 Ram Rebel TRX is a bold powerplay by Ram and FCA. Boasting 702 horsepower, exciting exterior styling, and off-road goodies aimed at slaying the Ford F-150 Raptor, it certainly has the goods to make a prominent name for itself. But in addition to all of this potent performance, the TRX is also hiding a small but very significant innovation that was developed in house by a group of clever FCA employees, Know & Go.

Know & Go is a mobile app that’s aimed at helping buyers learn more about their vehicle. The backstory surrounding the app’s creation is also very intriguing, with the employees first pitching it during the company’s first ever “Pitch Night” event. Things moved swiftly from there, with the employees developing the app in-house. FCA was quick to highlight the sheer speed of development, with the company revealing that it went from idea to market ready in less than three months.

Know & Go

Know & Go app (Image Credit: FCA)

This is an even more remarkable feat considering the sheer amount of content that the app provides to customers. The Know & Go app utilizes the camera on a smartphone to run augmented reality based technology to help explain a particular feature. Simply point the camera at a particular item you want to learn about, and the name and general description will be overlaid onto the image. The app can do other things as well, and we have a brief list of them below.

  • Augmented reality discovery of features
  • Self-discovery of features
  • Push notifications of undiscovered features
  • Feature overview and how-to videos
  • Feature-specific owner’s manual pages

The 2021 Ram TRX will be the first model in the FCA portfolio to benefit from the new feature, but FCA revealed that Know & Go will eventually make its way to other models. We suspect that this feature will resonate particularly well with Dodge products, especially performance models that come packed to the gills with performance upgrades and other add-ons.

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