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Mad Max eat your heart out; GM designer shows GMC Sierra Denali HD rendering

Sierra Denali HD

GM Sierra Denali HD design rendering (Image courtesy of GM Design)

The current generation Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra HDs already very imposing sights out on the road. With their tall front grilles, large headlights, and high mounted hood, they are very imposing and distinctive beasts out on the road. But what if you took these traits, grafted some new ones to a Sierra Denali HD and even mix in some neo-futuristic vibes from the obscure movie BattleTruck? You might get this wild rendering, which thundered its way onto GM Design’s official Instagram account.

Looking like the ride that Freddy Kruger would drive in a Nightmare on Elm Street film, the unnamed artist makes the grille even bigger, and adds a set of narrow looking headlights with brighter units mounted in the grille itself. The lower bumper has been tweaked to help accommodate the bigger grille, while the Denali logo is centrally mounted, and has letters big enough to silence any questions about what it is exactly that observers are looking at. 



We don’t get to see the rear of the truck, but the side profile show off heavily stylized rear wheel flares, and tidy looking grey accents on the fenders themselves. The hood itself features muscular lines, and what appear to be several smaller hood vents in lieu of the large hood scoop that’s typically associated with these large rigs. 

While similar wild renderings have served as hidden previews for products in the past (like the Ram TRX) it appears that this is not quite the case with this particular rendering. At best we could assume that the rendering is hinting at a few aesthetic features that could come to the next generation HD. The lighting in the grille for example is something that Hyundai is trying out with the recently unveiled Tuscon, and perhaps GMC is exploring a similar styling statement that would be a segment first for the brand.

As for the large grille, it might seem comical now in this stylized presentation, but it’s also a reflection of a recent trend towards larger front grille designs, with things really taking off over the past five to ten years. While they might elicit groans and statements of disbelief when the model adorned with them is unveiled, customers are actually embracing them in the long haul. These large grilles also have a functional purpose too, with some of them helping automakers meet tightening pedestrian safety regulations especially in Europe.

We look forward to seeing more, especially if this rendering is indeed hinting at something that we can’t see beneath its outlandish proportions. 

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