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It’s no secret that we always love seeing a good vintage Land Rover or Ford Bronco restoration here at PickupTruckTalk with a wide swath of companies to choose from if you have the patience and the budget to pull it off. The latest restoration that caught our eye is from the company Zero Labs which managed to add some electrified flair to the iconic Series III Land Rover.

As the name implies, Zero Labs specializes in EV-themed restorations, with the young startup already being noticed for its EV Bronco restoration. The same basic idea applies here to the Land Rover. The company says that it’s suite of upgrades is compatible with Series III models from 1971-1985, with buyers being able to choose from two distinct flavors (Classic and Beach.)

The Classic is a traditional hardtop SUV, while the Beach embraces fun in the sun with either a removable hardtop or soft top. Both feature a reworked chassis, with Zero engineers installing independent suspension at all four corners.

While Zero Labs is still holding some key details to itself, the Land Rover appears to be powered by the same electric powertrain as its Bronco-themed creation. This means a battery pack that is mounted underneath the floor, with buyers being able to choose from either a 85-kWh battery pack or a bigger 100-kWh pack. Performance will not disappoint either, with the base rear wheel drive setup benefiting from a 300-horsepower electric motor. Buyers looking for more power can opt for the optional all-wheel drive system which adds a second 300-horsepower electric motor to the front axle. The end result is 600 horsepower at its most potent setup, with the Land Rover possibly making the sprint to 60 mph in just under 4.0 seconds. 

Pricing for the duo reflect the well heeled clientele that Zero Labs is targeting here, with the base Classic and Beach starting at $185,000 before options, customization, and taxes are figured into the equation. Zero Labs claims that all of them are built to order, with the first units rolling out the door later this year.  


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