Home Video VIDEO – Good/Bad Review, 2020 Ford F150 XL STX From New Owner

VIDEO – Good/Bad Review, 2020 Ford F150 XL STX From New Owner


In this video, we are talking about the 2020 Ford F150 XL STX with a new owner and fan of the channel. Check out what he likes and doesn’t like about his new F150 XL truck. Also, he discusses 2.7L EcoBoost MPG as well as how it rides. It is a great review!

A few quick takeaways from this video are the less than thrilling MPG results from the 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine as well as the issues with the Ford Pass app.

It was also interesting to hear about his cross shopping experiences with different brands and what he thought of the different trucks. Plus, being a Toyota truck owner, it is interesting to hear his perspective on the differences between the trucks and why he choose the 2020 Ford F150 XL STX.

All in all, it is a great review of a new truck by a new owner and it provides a lot of value to people shopping for new trucks.

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