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Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck has generated quite a wave of press since it made its world debut late last year at a Tesla organized event. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was eager to prove that he could still shake up the established order of things, and in this case aimed to completely rewrite what a pickup truck is. While the truck’s novel windows revealed that they were not quite up to the task of being unbreakable, that little mishap did not stop the Cybertruck from being a hit with pre-order buyers. In fact, pre-orders were recently revealed to have crossed the 600,000 barrier which is a big achievement.

The controversial styling of Tesla’s wedge shaped truck has appeared to actually be a key drawing point for buyers, with orders still coming in at roughly 1,000 units a day. This is even more remarkable considering that much of the globe is facing uncertain times with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The information was revealed via the Cybertruck Owners Club as well as a creative spreadsheet created by Cybertruck fans.

A key part of this success is the relatively low cost of entry for the pre-order phase, with Tesla only requiring a refundable $100 deposit. This is a low amount of money to formally put down, and it also creates a comfortable cushion for people that might need to back out of their purchase at a later date. This is in contrast to the Mustang Mach-E which requires a higher $500 initial deposit, and is currently capped out at 50,000 reservations. It makes us wonder if Tesla’s production methods can keep up with pent up demand this massive, but only time and actually seeing the trucks being formally built will decisively answer that question.


In the meantime, look for pre-order figures for the Cybertruck to continue their rapid climb upward especially after the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course and frees up cash for potential buyers.


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