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2021 Ram Rebel TRX possibly to have adjustable steering and suspension


Information about the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX continues to trickle its way onto the internet, and while this raptor slaying reptile has been a rarely seen beast in the wild, the information that is appearing indicates that the TRX will arrive with a whole host or performance and off-road goodies aimed at slaying the Raptor.

According to a report from Allpar, two of these weapons could include adjustable steering and suspension components. These two features are not that radically new for FCA, with the firm’s SRT products already giving driver’s the ability to adjust these two features with the Challenger/Charger Hellcat and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk being three of the noteworthy examples. As such, their possible inclusion on the TRX is not that much of a surprise but it does show just how seriously Ram engineers are taking the task of crafting this super truck.

In addition to these two suspension components, look for other items to also be interchangeable including stability control, throttle sensitivity, shift points, and so much more. This would allow the TRX to one-up the Ford Raptor in some regards, while also allowing the Ram to match the beefy Ford punch for punch on challenging off-road routes. However, it is unclear if the Ram will retain the air suspension that has defined other members of its lineup, or if it will be swapped out for the electric dampers that underpin FCA’s high performance models.

The other key news that can be gleaned from this report is that the TRX could come with more than one trim level, with key sections indicating that some of these parameters can be changed, while other TRX variants would have select items locked out. The report does not dive too deeply into specifics, but it does appear to indicate that multiple flavors of TRX will be available. Look for this to also translate into varying engine outputs, with the 6.2 liter supercharged V8 having distinct flavors of muscle depending on what trim is picked.

Like the chronically delayed Ford Bronco, the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX has been another model that we have been eagerly waiting for to arrive. The model was first teased as a concept (pictured) way back in 2016 that teased the idea of a Raptor competitor. However, FCA chose to mull it over, and only approved production of the TRX late last year. FCA has been quiet since, but recent sightings of the truck as well as leaked information appears to suggest that its arrival is imminent, with the earliest reveal possibly taking place at the 2020 North American International Auto Show in June. Unlike other events that have been cancelled or postponed by the Coronavirus outbreak, the Detroit event is still confirmed on the calendar, and has so far not been affected by the virus.


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