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2020 Aston Martin DBX Is a Home Run for Luxury Automaker


The crossover market is booming. Duh, you say. SUVs and crossovers are reflecting consumer demand for more comfort, a higher seating position, and off-road capabilities; while the sedan is not dead, it’s definitely experiencing a clear decline. Even fleet numbers show that more companies want crossovers.

Did Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, foresee this in 2016 when he made public his “7 vehicles in 7 years” plan? Before that, the DBX was more than a twinkle in his eye. With the opening of the new plant in Wales this month, production will begin in the second quarter of 2020.

As it was, Aston Martin was one of the last to release an SUV supercar among its peers. Rolls Royce put forward the cavernous Cullinan this year, Lamborghini’s muscular Urus was launched in 2018, and Bentley has been steadily promoting the Bentayga for a few years already.

Weighing in with a meaty 4,940 pounds, under the hood of the DBX is a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine designed to propel. The drivetrain is a more powerful version of the acclaimed V8 in the Vantage and DB11. The DBX contains an upgraded turbocharger, a different compression ratio and updated charge coolers; the firing order of the cylinders has been altered as well, which gives the Aston Martin crossover a growl all its own.

“DBX is a car that will give many people their first experience of Aston Martin ownership. As such it needed to be true to the core values established in our sports cars, while also providing the lifestyle versatility expected of a luxury SUV. To have produced such a beautiful, hand built, yet technologically advanced car is a proud moment for Aston Martin.”  Dr. Andy Palmer, CEO, Aston Martin

Design highlights include a full-length panoramic roof, full-grain leather, frameless doors with flush glazing, and an industry-first 80% natural wool blend in the trim. The wool dressing may be surprising until you discover that this particular quality of wool is not only environmentally sustainable, it’s durable and naturally water repellent.

Once you slide behind the wheel, choose your Sirius station and luxuriate in the audio quality of the base level Harman/ Samsung sound system. Fourteen speakers, a new system of amplifiers, and 800 watts create a package unique to the DBX.

Here’s where it gets really fun: Aston Martin’s online configurator allows you to create your own DBX from the ground up. Start with the colors – my personal favorites are the deep red Liquid Crimson and the dark-as-midnight Sabiro Blue. Pet owner? Opt for the pet package, which includes a partition, portable washer, rear bumper protector, and accessory holder. Or, if you’re a skier, the ski package adds a ski boot warmer. A SKI BOOT WARMER. Yeah.

For right around $200K, one of these beauties could be yours as early as next year.


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