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The Aston Martin DBX will be making its debut later this month, but that has not deterred Aston from releasing teasers of the new SUV to the world, with the company releasing a juicy slice of information in regards to the final production interior and the base MSRP of this game changing model.


When we last met the DBX, we got information on some of the various interior packages that will be avalible. They included a glimpse at the pet centric Pet Pack. But while it was reassuring to see that Fido would be riding in premium comfort, we wondered about the human side of the equation. Thankfully, two legged occupants will be just as pleased with the cabin featuring high quality materials, and all the trappings that one would expect from a premium luxury car maker.

Unfortunately, the lone interior image Aston chose to release prevents us from seeing too much detail, and that includes the bridged center console. Aston claims that it’s “an elegant floating aesthetic that offers storage space below for larger items.” In short, expect space for a small handbag, or a couple of large water bottles for those on the go. Aston reps also wanted to highlight the time and care it took for the interior to be developed, with the company claimed that it took six months alone to refine the drivers position to ensure they had maximum visibility inside and out. This level of thoughtfulness and detail also exists in other areas, though we suspect it did not take quite as long to achieve. For example, when engineers were laying out the buttons for the interior, they actually had to seek out “external counsel” including guidance from the brand’s Female Advisory Board. Multiple consumer clinics of HNWIs [high net worth individuals] were also conducted to ensure that engineers were right on target in regards to satisfying this key demographic.

Back seat passengers (i.e children) were also taken into consideration, and while Aston stopped short of revealing how children influenced the interior design of the DBX, the company claims it took the needs of kids very seriously in what it called “a new excercise” for the company. This included inviting several youngsters to sit in the rear seat, and to test the ergonomics out.


With the debut rapidly approaching, we will eventually get the full run down of all the features, specs, and options the DBX will have to offer on November 20th when the DBX makes its debut in Beijing. In the meantime, we hope that Aston will release more pictures of this stunner in future teasers so we can satiate our pre debut cravings.


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