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Aston Martin Teases New Accessories Lineup For DBX SUV


When it comes to road tripping and hauling stuff (including pets), an Aston Martin is not exactly the first choice that springs into mind. While their car lineup has supermodel good looks, and potent horsepower. Your four legged companion would have a hard time getting comfortable. But the DBX is not your garden variety Aston, and the British sports car maker is keen to demonstrate this by unveiling a small sample of the accessories that will make their debut in the new model.

The bulk of the accessories come in several distinct packages that offer certain equipment to help the DBX cater to key buying groups. Before we get into all that though, we might as well cover whats in store for pet owners in the new Pet Pack. It starts with a divider which helps keeps your pet in the rear cargo area, while a big gray fabric and saddlebrown leather bed give them an opulent place to lay down and relax.

Other goodies include a foldable fabric mat that can cover the bumper to protect it from stray claws, as well as a portable washer system to help clean Fido in the event he decides to romp in the mud. The package even comes with food and water bowls to keep your furry friend well nourished on long road trips. In addition to the Pet Pack, a separate Event Pack brings a picnic basket, blanket chairs, and even room for extra umbrellas. Along with these two packages, Aston Martin also offers the Snow Package that comes with a ski bag, ski rack, and snow chains. We have not personally seen an Aston Martin with snow chains on, but having seen one lone Aston Martin Vantage defy the winter snow in Metro Detroit does show that there are a small group of owners out there that treat their cars as true four season offerings. Along with all this kit, the Snow Pack also adds boot warmers to help them thaw out after extended time outside. Aston will also offer custom leather child seats for families on the go, as well as other typical high end extras including organizers, and even bespoke luggage tailor made to fit in the DBX.


We suspect that Aston has other accessories in the pipeline, but we won’t find out that information (along with pricing and availability) until the DBX is formally unveiled in December. In the meantime, look for the DBX to eventually wield its own suite of individualization options from Q though adding these particular accesories will extend the build time of a DBX in the factory versus a non Q equipped model.



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