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With the Ram 1500 Rebel OTG concept and the latest Mopar customized Jeep Wrangler putting a spotlight on FCA’s current lineup, Mopar also has a tendency to customize older models from FCA’s storied past. The established accessory brand has worked its magic once again and has unleashed a new restomod concept in time for the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Dubbed the Lowliner, this concept started life as a 1968 Dodge D200-series heavy duty truck, but Mopar designers have given it a huge suite of goodies to help inject some modern touches into this red tinged golden oldie. On that note, the luscious Candied Delmonico Red paint will arguably be the first thing that will draw eyes to this truck, with the vivid hue being contrasted with Dairy Cream white accents. Mopar stylists shaved off the door handles, fuel filler cap, and even the radio antenna for a unified appearance. The lowered concept rides on custom smooth rims that are supposed to mimic classic stamped steel pieces that were commonplace in the late 60s. The 22-inch wheels have staggered widths, with the front wheels being 9.5 inches wide and the back wheels boasting a bigger 11-inch measurement. The back wheels in particular forced Mopar engineers to widen the wheel wells by five extra inches. The factory look headlights are actually all new seven inch LED units, while the skinny taillights are custom pieces designed just for this particular project.

The original hood assembly has been pitched, with the front end instead actually tilting forward with power assistiance. Once it is fully open, you get a very good view of the 5.9 liter Cummins diesel engine lurkng inside. As mentioned in our other FCA SEMA items, diesels are expected to be a prominent part of some of these concepts, and the Lowliner is a dramatic example of this. Other mechanical upgrades include a fully boxed version of the original C-channel frame, moving the front axle forward three inches to increase the Lowliner’s length, as well as a six inch lift of the bed via a welded in panel borrowed from a Ram 1500. The truck rides on a novel air suspension that comes equipped with three different modes. This allows the truck to not only maintain its slammed appearance, but to also allow the driver raise it to regular height, and a special raised height for daily driving.

The interior features a period correct front bench seat, that has been adorned with distressed Blazing Saddle tan leather upholstry. More leather is used in the headrests and the Mopar “M” logo is prominently stitched in the center. A floor mounted metal flake shifter controls the six speed manual transmission, while the original instrument panel gives way to a custom engine turned panel with seven custom gauges neatly tucked inside. The concept as is will most likely not make production, but look for select elements to make their way into future accesory offerings.





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