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With yesterday’s unveiling of the 2020 Land Rover Defender, it seems only natural that a Lego counterpart also appeared, which aims to bring a tiny slice of Defender fun for those that cannot wait for the life sized one to appear in showrooms next year.

While it’s a bit too small to get in and drive, the 2,573 piece kit still brings plenty of realism to builders, and was developed as part of a joint partnership between Lego and Land Rover. Authentic body panels and wheels are present, along with functioning four wheel drive that includes three diffrentials, and a fully independent suspension. A fully functioning winch is included too, and Lego Technic even highlighted the transmission calling it “the most sophisticated gearbox yet.” This is due to its four speed setup, with two levers inside being able to activate High or Low gear while a third selector is tasked with formal gear changes.

As for the cabin, it too has benefited from a big dose of realisim, and it features a detailed dashboard, seats that can be folded down to get a better view of the trick gearbox, as well as a working steering wheel to round out the presentation. The inline six lurking under the hood features moving pistons, and also incorporates other key detailing elements to help it be a pretty convincing duplicate of the real thing.


Despite the real Defender featuring an eight speed automatic, 170 accessory pieces, and other off-road extras. The Lego Technic variant will actually beat it to the sales floor, with Lego revealing that it will be shipped to stores on October 1st. Pricing for the Lego version will start at $199 before sales tax, and that should help make this model a popular choice for enthusiasts young and old during the holiday season. Buyers will be able to choose from three color schemes (Olive Green, Black, and Grey.)


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