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Henessey Shows Off First Production Goliath 6×6 Pickup, Six-Wheeled Custom Craze Continues


When Hennessey first unveiled plans to produce the utterly bonkers Goliath 6×6 a year ago, all we knew was that it was to be based on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trailboss, and all we had to go on for a sneak peek were a few teaser renderings that the U.S. aftermarket tuner released to tease the masses. It’s pleasing to see that these few renderings have transformed into a production spec Goliath, and it looks even more sinister and terrifying in the light of day versus its origins as a rendering on a sheet of paper.

To say that the truck only has a minor suite of upgrades would be a massive understatement, with the Goliath being an actual 6×6 build, versus having the rear most axle being free rolling. To achieve this, Hennessey completely changed the rear suspension to accommodate the extra axle, and all four rear wheels help bring the Goliaths power to the ground. To help accommodate all this, the tuning firm also created a specially crafted pickup truck bed that comes complete with a menacing bed mounted roll bar. An eight inch lift helps enhance ground clearance, and it also helps create room for the bigger 37-inch BFG off-road tires, and the 20-inch Hennessey designed wheels. Lastly, the stock bumpers are removed, and replaced with Hennessey crafted equivalents.

The interior of the Goliath doesn’t change too much from the standard Trailboss, but look for the cabin to follow the script that has already been seen in other Hennessey products, with embroidered headrests, minor trim alterations, as well as enhanced rear seat room with the later being a side effect of the stretch needed to accommodate all the rearward modifications and the 6×6 layout.

Performance for the Goliath is also upgraded, with Hennessey managing to extract more horsepower out of the engine, with the Goliath capable of producing a thundering 450 horsepower. While this is not the 700 plus horsepower that the company touted in prior announcements, it should still be enough to not only lug around the additional weight produced by the 6×6 configuration, but also give the Goliath commendable levels of acceleration and thrust. The craziest bit here is that Hennessey is including a 3-year 36,000 mile warranty on the conversion, but we advise potential buyers to carefully read the fine details of this key document before taking it off a ramp or other homemade obstacles. Look for the Silverado’s factory automatic transmission to handle shifting duties for the Goliath which is fine with us considering that it is one of the smoother shifting units in GM’s transmission lineup.


Production of the Goliath will be limited to only 24 examples, with each one costing $375,000. While the remaining 23 have yet to find a new home, Hennessey’s press release did reveal that the first one has already been spoken for. That particular beast will go to Bob Berrard who owns the largest potato farm in the state of Wisconsin. While Bob’s truck will be slathered in menacing black paint, the red truck in the rendering suggests that other colors will be available for buyers that prefer to have a brighter hue on their 6×6 purchase. This is not the first 6×6 Hennessey has done either, with the firm already selling a 6×6 version of the Ford Raptor. However, the Silverado is the first naturally aspirated 6×6 in its lineup, and look for that to appeal to buyers that might not want to deal with some of the more complex items that turbochargers typically bring to the equation.


In the meantime, Hennessey has released a brief video of the Goliath in action which can be seen below. While the video shows the Goliath strictly on pavement, we suspect that this monstrous offering should have no trouble tackling trails and other surprises at the local off-road park. Lastly, perhaps in a not too distant future, the Goliath could even go toe to toe with the Rivian R1T 6×6 in a dream match for the ages (if that particular creation is indeed made.)







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