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Rivian 6×6 Rendered, Yes It’s As Awesome As You Think It Is


Rivian has already done a good job in creating the R1T as is, with the futuristic truck offering a glimpse into a world where electrified pickup trucks are indeed reality. But amid its futuristic bodywork, and promising skateboard style platform, the question of just how far the R1T can be pushed in concept has always dominated the minds of eager pickup truck enthusiasts. But thanks to an online enthusiast forum we have a glimpse of just how extreme the R1T can indeed go.

In a thread that was centered around what other models of the R1T could look like, the folks at Rivian Owners Forum rendered what a possible six wheeled version of the truck would look like. Like the G-Wagen version of the idea, the Rivian variant looks insanely good, and the 6×6 configuration seems like a natural fit for the electrified Rivian. As expected from a proper 6×6 conversion, the rendering does reveal that several changes were made to help prepare the truck for this radical transformation. The front end features a custom brush bar that subtlety follows the shape of the headlights and the front bumper. A pair of LED light bars adorn the roof, while a specially designed style bar lengthens the cab when the rig is viewed from a profile angle. Larger fender flares cover the bigger wheels, and meaty off-road tires help give the 6×6 superior off-road capability.

The same thread also reveals that a major mechanical upgrade will be the addition of a second battery pack mounted underneath the bedliner of the truck. The addition of this extra battery pack would help enhance overall driving range off the beaten path, and it would also work hand in hand with the three different powertrain options that Rivian will have on hand for the R1T. While the base model will bring 402 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque to the party, higher grade models will bring powertrains that will easily surpass 700 horsepower. So naturally, it’s not too hard to imagine a 6×6 that would easily be able to harness all of this muscle in a way that would allow it to easily bust through the toughest of trails. In addition, Rivian also plans to offer the biggest battery pack capacity in the market with an optional pack that can house up to 180 kWh of juice, so having two of these battery packs on board would only enhance the amount of power and range that would be on hand for owners that like to take their purchases out on rigorous adventurs.

Sadly, the Rivian R1T 6×6 currently exists in the realm of fantasy, but with Rivian already rolling out a pull out kitchen prototype on the standard issue R1T, perhaps somewhere buried deep in Rivian’s engineering department is indeed plans for a 6×6, and even if it emerges as a pure concept, seeing such a beast would certainly make our day that much better.


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