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While Ford has revealed that a Mustang based SUV is indeed in the works, the Dearborn based company has been very determined to keep prying eyes from leaking the upcoming model early. For the moment, not much has trickled out into the wild, with only a set of mysterious teasers being the only clues anyone has about this model. In the absence of a detailed look, rendering artists around the world have appeared to embrace the challenge of trying to imagine what such a model would look like.

This latest view comes from the folks at the Russian website Kolesa who have produced a very detailed rendering of the mystery model. Their rendering artist retained the front and rear fascia of the current generation Mustang to help retain a strong family resemblance to the iconic pony car, but extended the length of the Mustang to help it accommodate an extra set of doors. The roof here is fairly flat, with the rendering appearing to showcase it as more of a lifted station wagon versus a traditional crossover entry. Black cladding rounds out the look, and also helps give the model a more rugged appearance, though we suspect that the production version (whenever it arrives) will have a decidedly more on-road focused mission in mind.


At one point, Ford planned to revive the “Mach 1” nameplate for the new model in a subtle nod to its past heritage, but a full fledged revolt by Mustang fans all over the world prompted the company to change course, and pull back those plans in lieu of using another moniker. Regardless of what name it will ultimately adopt, it is known that a fully electric powertrain will be onboard. Few details are known about the exact specifics of the setup, but Ford intends to offer two versions of the powertrain. A base setup would give drivers a roughly 300 mile driving range, while the more advanced setup would serve as the setup for maximum range, with the package potentially bringing 373 miles of driving range to buyers. Look for a high performance variant to also be offered (it wouldn’t be a chip off the Mustang’s block without such a trim) but it’s currently unknown if the setup would be an entirely separate option or if it could be bundled in as an upgrade on the long-range variant.

Ford claims that it will release more information about the Mustang based CUV sometime in November, but customers looking to buy one will still face a very long wait for their chance to put it in their garage. When one takes that November date and throws it into a possible timeline, that can translate into the vehicle potentially making its debut in 2020, with the first production units making their way to customers in 2021.


Source: Kolesa


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