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In a surprise announcement released earlier today, Kia has revealed that it plans to unleash its first global SUV model as it aims to bridge even more sub-niches in the broader utility vehicle market to widen its sales portfolio.


For the moment, Kia is not releasing many details regarding its upcoming utility offering, but the Korean car giant did release a pair of teaser sketches that gives us a glimpse of what is in store for future owners. The sketches appear to show a vehicle that is still distinctly a Kia offering, but it also offers several modern styling upgrades, including highly stylized LED headlights. The unnamed offering also appears to offer far chunkier lines than what we are used to seeing in the compact SUV segment, but we suspect that some of this is due to the exaggerated nature of the drawings themselves, and that some things will be smoothed out once the vehicle is formally unveiled to the masses. Kia claims that the small SUV is also aimed squarely at millennials, and as a result, will come packed to the brim with technology features to cater to their mobility focused desires.

“We have created a car which stands out everywhere, from the city to the countryside” stated Byung Chul, Juh head of Kia’s styling division. “Its robust yet sporty design will be matched by a wide range of features and technologies that are universally suited to younger buyers around the world. Our new small SUV is a proposition that no other car in its class will match.”


The new SUV is set to go on sale in its home Korean market during the second half of 2019, with global sales set to formally take place shortly after. With the size target that Kia is aiming to achieve here, we suspect that the new model will share a lot of its hardware with the recently unveiled Hyundai Venue especially engines, select interior components, and basic chassis construction.


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