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Tesla Pickup Goes To A Galaxy Far Far Away With All New Rendering From Hollywood Design Icon


With all the news and rumors surrounding Elon Musk and his ever evolving plans regarding the upcoming Tesla pickup truck, numerous render artists have attempted to preview what Tesla’s interpretation of the iconic pickup truck would look like. However, this particular rendering is perhaps the wildest of them all, and it comes from the legendary Alex Jaeger.

Who is Alex Jaeger you might ask? He is a senior effects art director as well as a concept designer for Industrial Light and Magic. In short, he has created designs for movies such as Star Wars, MIB, and a whole host of other timeless films that are too long to be mentioned outside of IMDB.comIn addition to his extensive film accolades, Jaeger is also a big fan of automobiles, with Teslas being his signature cup of tea.

So how does a powerful mind like Jaeger envision Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck offering? At first glance, it looks like something that might pass for a vehicle in the Galactic Empire. The huge glass roof is a very potent styling statement, though don’t expect something this outlandish to be ever offered on a production vehicle due to numerous safety laws, as well as the practicality issues of assembling such a setup for the mass market. The front passengers would sit very close to the front axle, and the headlights themselves would be mounted on the base of the windshield. Even the center mounted rear stoplight gets the futuristic treatment, with the unit extending down the side of the bed mounted lightbar towards the bed sides. In his rendering, Jaeger is even kind enough to compare it side by side with an older iteration of the F-150, with the rendered Tesla being much taller than the fore-mentioned F-150.


The extreme styling of this particular rendering does make us wish it existed in the real world to relive our wildest movie fantasies, but Jaeger’s interpretation also shows just how much talent the man has when it comes to creating design studies, especially renderings like the Tesla truck displayed here.


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