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When GMC revealed the 2020 Sierra CarbonPro Edition last month, it rocked the world with its bold claims of reducing curb weight, while also retaining the high levels of strength and rigidity that are commonly associated with steel and bed construction. It was already known that the unique feature would be available only on the Denali 1500, as well as the off-road focused AT4 1500 variant. But amid the nice press photos and various statements about the benefits of carbon fiber construction, one tiny detail was noticeably missing, it’s price.

“CarbonPro is made of the same raw material found in seven figure supercars and even aerospace applications” stated Duncan Aldred Vice President for Global operations at GMC.

Thankfully, final pricing for both CarbonPro editions will not surpass the $100,000 barrier, but befitting a novel feature like this, there is indeed a price to be paid, and it shows when you look at the MSRP price for both models. For example an AT4 model equipped this way starts at $66,635, but is fully equipped with virtually every option possible. This includes the 6.2 liter V8, performance focused exhaust system, the Cadillac sourced video rearview mirror, and even the Kicker bed mounted speaker system for the truck’s infotainment system. Buyers that prefer to being noticed for their sense of style versus their ability to tackle off-road trails will take solace with the Sierra Denali CarbonPro Edition. Like before, the Denali arrives fully loaded, but buyers will be undoubtedly pleased with the sleek 22-inch wheels as well as the fore-mentioned CarbonPro bedding.

Both of these models will also be the only way that you can spec a CarbonPro bed for the remainder of the 2020 model year. We are hopeful however, that subsequent model years will bring more variants that can be equipped with the CarbonPro technology. GMC did reveal that it plans to do just that down the road, and that can help translate to a good value, especially if the right combination of model and options are picked. This is especially true if they pick the 3.0 liter diesel V6, which will be the first time this powerplant will be paired with the CarbonPro package.

In the meantime, look for the 2020 GMC Sierra CarbonPro editions to make their way to showrooms this summer, with more information regarding additional CarbonPro edition variants to appear sometime after the 2020 models make their way to customers.


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