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2022-2023 Toyota Tundra Class Action Lawsuit alleges poor recall fix


A 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra Class Action Lawsuit has been filed saying a recent recall doesn’t truly fix the issue and owner’s want a better repair.

2022-2023 Toyota Tundra Class Action lawsuit details

The complaint, totaling 27 pages, was submitted in Texas following a recall in August 2023, affecting nearly 170,000 Toyota Tundra trucks manufactured between November 2021 and July 2023. According to the case, the problem arises from the improper internal routing, fastening, design, or production of the plastic fuel lines in the Tundra, which causes them to come into contact with the metallic brake lines, resulting in wear and compromising the integrity of the fuel lines.

The filing emphasizes that this presents a substantial fire risk due to the flammable nature of fuel in both liquid and vapor forms.

This potential danger is of particular concern given that the Toyota Tundra is commonly used for work purposes or outdoor activities such as tailgating, grilling, or camping, as stated in the lawsuit. The case alleges that the defective fuel line system in the Tundra may malfunction within the first two years of ownership, even though fuel lines are typically expected to last as long as the vehicle itself.

The lawsuit contends that Toyota’s recent recall, which includes a provision for free repairs, does not offer a guarantee that the fuel line defect will be completely resolved. According to the suit, the recall and proposed remedy, which involves adding fasteners to specific fuel lines, may ultimately become an ongoing issue due to the confined spaces in which the Tundra’s fuel and brake lines are situated, as well as the sheer number of lines that could potentially be compromised.

The lawsuit points out that the recall primarily addresses preventing the fuel line from rubbing against the brake line but does not specify any other measures to prevent potential issues with other faulty fuel lines or repositioning fuel lines elsewhere to prevent similar rubbing incidents.

The lawsuit argues that the nature of Toyota’s recall leads vehicle owners to suspect that there may be other problematic fuel lines with improper spacing or being tightly packed, which could conceivably lead to further rubbing and additional fuel leaks.

Basically, this suit alleges this is more of a band-aid fix than a complete solution to a potential issue.

The lawsuit seeks to cover all individuals in the United States who have purchased or leased a 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra vehicle. No word on whether 2024 Toyota Tundra trucks are affected.

The bottom line

This is an interesting case pitting owner’s understanding of how the vehicle was engineered versus what the automaker’s engineers solution for this potential issue.

While I can’t tell you which way this case will go, I can say this case will be years in court with other states and owners likely getting involved. That is to say, more coming, stay tuned.

Tim Esterdahl

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