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2025 Volvo EX30 revealed: 5 things to know

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Volvo has just revealed its smallest EV: The 2025 EX30. Slotted under the XC40 Recharge but taking on the new electric EX moniker, the new EX30 takes on design cues from both the XC40 and the much larger EX90.

Here are the most important things to know about this all-new compact EV crossover.

Base price is around $35k

The press release doesn’t state whether the base price of $34,950 includes destination or not, but we’re willing to bet not. So, we expect the price including fees to top $36k. But still, this is a damn good price for a luxury EV of the crossover variety. Compare that to the Telsa Model Y, which (today) has a base price of $47,490, and well, that pricing speaks for itself.

Up to 275 miles of range

The 2025 EX30 will come with both single- and dual-motor options. If you opt for the long-range single-motor variant, that’s where you’ll get about 275 miles of range. Volvo hasn’t revealed the range of the dual motor model, but we’d expect it to be around 230 miles. What they did share about the peppy all-wheel drive model is that it would deliver 442 horsepower and have a 0-to-60-MPH time of about 3.4 seconds. It also has a charging capacity of 153 kW, so it’ll go from 10 to 80% of a charge in about 27 minutes.

Standard safety tech

This new compact crossover will get all the standard safety tech you’ve come to expect from a Volvo. This includes everything from passive safety features such as restraints to structure as well as active tech such as bike detection that prevents drivers from opening their doors into bikers.

2025 Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30 interior

Cool tech abounds

Even though the 2025 EX30 is small, it doesn’t scrimp on technology. Similar to its bigger siblings, it will be powered by a Google operating system as well as have a large center infotainment screen. You’ll also see things like a digital key and dedicated app as well as a new Park Pilot Assist system that will identify any available parking spot – parallel, curved, perpendicular and diagonal – and then operate steering and braking to guide the vehicle into the spot.

Though the press release doesn’t explicitly state the EX30 will get Apple CarPlay, it does say it worked closely with tech partners at Google, Apple and Qualcomm to deliver the best possible user experience. We’re taking that to mean CarPlay is included.

You can reserve a 2025 EX30 now

Immediately after the reveal, Volvo opened up the reservation banks. You simply need to log in to the Volvo consumer website to begin the process. You’ll have to select your Volvo retailer as well as provide a $500 refundable deposit. Then in the fall of 2023, you’ll be able to customize your EX30 online. Deliveries are expected to begin in the summer of 2024.

The bottom line

We had the opportunity to do an in-depth walk around of the Volvo EX90 last month in Sweden, and if that is anything to go by, this new 2025 EX30 is going to be something special. So, if you’ve been waiting for an EV that won’t break the bank, looks pretty cool and will be here within a year, I say take a closer look at this new offering from Volvo. And have that $500 ready.

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