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Volvo EX90: 5 things to know about this new 7-passenger EV

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Volvo has committed to a fully electric lineup by 2030, and to achieve that goal it has stated it will launch a new fully electric vehicle each year. The seven-passenger Volvo EX90 is the first vehicle in the automaker’s new electric portfolio.

While the casual observer might think this is an XC90 with a battery, this vehicle was created in house by Volvo with a fully electric technology base. So, here are the biggest things to know about this new EV.

300 miles of range

The Volvo EX90 will be powered by a 111 kW battery and two permanent magnetic electric motors, which will deliver 496 horsepower and 671 pound-feet of torque.

But with an EV what you really want to know is range and how long it takes to charge. So the EX90 is looking at 300 miles of range and the ability to go from 10 to 80 percent of a charge in 30 minutes with ultra-fast charging.

True self-driving tech?

Volvo has a reputation for being among the safest vehicles on the road, and that is expected to continue with the EX90. In addition to receiving regular over-the-air updates to get smarter over time, the SUV will be equipped with sensors, cameras, radar and lidar. So, it will offer steering support as well as in-car driver attention monitors. And, if someone falls asleep or gets ill while driving, the vehicle is designed to pull off the road and call for help.

While the Volvo EX90 won’t be a true self-driving vehicle at launch, the press release states it will be the first Volvo that is “hardware-ready for unsupervised driving in the future.”

Volvo EX90

Fast computing power

The core system of the Volvo EX90 is powered by NVIDIA DRIVE AI platforms Xavier and Orin, Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies, and Volvo is calling this SUV a “highly advanced computer on wheels.” Furthermore, Volvo is using the visualization capabilities of Unreal Engine, the 3D tool developed by Epic Games that gives fast computing power and high-quality graphics. We’ve seen the results of such a partnership previously with the graphics in the GMC Hummer EV – and it’s pretty cool.

Other tech you’ll see in the EX90 includes a Google-powered operating system, a 14.5-inch infotainment screen, wireless Apple CarPlay, 5G connectivity and the ability to use your phone as a key.

Priced under $80k

Though full pricing hasn’t been released yet, Volvo states the EX90 will be “well-equipped” for less than $80,000. For reference, the gas-only XC90 seven-passenger SUV starts at $56,000. While this might seem like a steep jump, keep in mind the price difference between the gas-only XC40 and all-electric XC40 is about $20k, so this makes sense in the grand scheme of pricing structures.

Available in 2024

Though we don’t have an exact date or model year for the arrival of the Volvo EX90, it is available now for pre-ordering, and deliveries are expected to begin in “early” 2024. To reserve the EX90, you will have to place a refundable $500 deposit. And while you can’t configure your vehicle now, you will be able to choose colors and other customizations in the fall of 2023.

The bottom line on the Volvo EX90

We’ve always been very impressed with Volvo from a safety, tech and comfort perspective, and the brief glimpse we’ve seen of the EX90 online leads us to believe we’ll continue to be impressed. Stay tuned for more details as we have them.

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