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How do truck investigations work?

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If you have been in a collision with a truck, you likely know how powerful such a crash can be. The sheer size and weight of these commercial vehicles mean that the resulting injuries and losses are sure to be much more extensive and severe than getting side-swiped by a subcompact.

However, as you are dealing with your injuries and trying to get compensated for your losses, you may have found that getting compensation after a truck crash is neither easy nor straightforward.

That is why you should waste no time in reaching out to a skilled truck accident attorney who can not only help you calculate how much your case is worth but also help you build the strongest case for your defense. To achieve this, a thorough truck investigation may be required, and today we’ll explain precisely what they are and how they work.

What makes truck investigations so unique and complicated?

Truck collision investigations can be complex and time-sensitive. This is typical because they may involve multiple parties, such as the truck driver, the trucking company, the cargo owner, the insurance company, local law enforcement agencies, and various lawyers. Also, each party may have its own interests and agendas pertaining to the investigation. Collecting all of the information required to proceed with legal action from the various parties can also take time.

You may find that it takes months for the investigation to be completed, depending on the severity of the crash and other factors, such as how promptly the trucking company shares its policies and protocols or how hard it is to obtain evidence from the scene. That is why it is so important to have a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side if you are involved in a truck collision.

Why are truck investigations needed?

Truck crash investigations are necessary in order to determine the cause and liability of a truck collision. They involve gathering and analyzing different types of evidence, which may include information collected at the scene, such as photos, videos, debris, and skid marks made by the vehicles.

Furthermore, they expose the truck driver’s records, analyzing their logbooks, driving history, personnel files, and drug or alcohol tests. The truck’s data recorder, or black box, which records speed, braking, steering, and other data, would also be part of the investigation.

The investigation would also include a review of the truck’s condition and maintenance history, which may reveal mechanical defects or failures. Finally, the investigators would also gather witness statements and statements from other drivers, first responders, and bystanders. When needed, they would also call for expert opinions from crash reconstructionists, medical providers, forensic toxicologists, and others.

How would an auto collision attorney help me after an incident with a truck?

An auto collision attorney is a very valuable tool to have by your side after you have been in a crash. This is because these incidents tend to cause much more catastrophic injuries and damages, calling for more extensive medical treatment and involving higher compensation.

Your lawyer will know how to gather evidence from the parties involved, which could be not only the truck driver but also the company that employs them. It could also be whoever is responsible for maintaining the truck or loading it, the manufacturer of the truck or its parts, and other parties that may share the responsibility for the collision.

Also, trucking insurance generally involves multiple policies or high coverage limits. If you attempt to carry out these negotiations on your own, you may quickly discover that the insurance companies will try to minimize your claim or shift the blame to others, thus making it an exercise in frustration for you when your health is not in its optimal condition.

Your lawyer will not only build a strong case for your defense, but they will also establish a smart legal strategy, prepare all needed legal documents, as well as negotiate with the insurance companies. If a settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer will be ready to defend you in court, contact expert witnesses to strengthen your case and fight to get you the highest compensation.

A skilled lawyer knows that when extensive or even permanent injuries are the result of a crash, they may impact your quality of life for a long time or even for life. This means you will not only need compensation for all your medical treatments but also for the pain and suffering, emotional distress, PTSD, or any number of other intangible consequences of the crash. So if you are struggling to recover your health, let your attorney take care of the legal aspects of your case.

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