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How to avoid auto sales scams with vehicle history reports

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Wondering whether that rig you found on the internet is either the steal of the century, or just another shady, rust-riddled truck sale waiting to happen? Skip the pondering and get straight to the facts with a vehicle history report. Here’s how…

When EpicVIN first announced that it would be launching a membership service aimed at providing unlimited vehicle history reports for one low monthly price, everything changed.

The company’s report database is so vast, that it now includes the key information needed to protect buyers from the majority of all used auto sales scams. With just a car VIN number or license plate, monthly membership clients can now access important information on multiple vehicles’ ownership and sales history, as well as a vehicle’s odometer reading, open recalls, insurance records, title history, and more.

While it can be utilized by anyone, EpicVIN’s monthly membership service caters to clients who purchase multiple cars and trucks each month, including from salvage auctions. By allowing these members to receive unlimited auto history reports, EpicVIN has become the industry’s leading provider of such reports. EpicVIN is powered by Autoinspect.us LLC, a National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)-approved data provider, which makes their reports a most reliable source of information.

The EpicVIN advantage

There are many advantages to purchasing a used car or truck over a newer model, and salvage auctions provide a low-cost way for dealers to increase their overall stock. When purchasing a vehicle for re-sale, or to own and drive yourself, a report of this caliber provides the information buyers need to make smart purchasing decisions and to protect their investment from fraud. Not all vehicle damages can be found on the surface, but understanding the car or truck’s ownership and repair history, can help.

“When buying a used car, there is every reason to be cautious before you make the final purchase, and reviewing the vehicle’s history report carefully is an important step in that process.” —Alex Black, CMO, EpicVIN

A national leader in vehicle history reports, EpicVIN makes it easy to access, review, and save vehicle information. Each vehicle check is based on a unique 17-character VIN and provides information from EpicVIN’s database of over 350 million records. EpicVIN’s history reports provide key purchasing information, including, junk and salvage titles, flood damage or accident history, lemon history, service records, and vehicle use records (i.e. taxi, rental, or police vehicle).

EpicVIN vehicle history report perks explained

● Ownership and Sales History – Including photos from previous sales
● Stolen Vehicle Check – Has the car been registered as a stolen vehicle?
● Damage History and Crash Records – Does the vehicle have hidden or undisclosed damages?
● Vehicle Repair Data – Collected from multiple sources
● Odometer Check – Has the odometerbeen rolled back?

Epicvin’s unlimited vehicle history report package helps individuals and dealers better identify whether the used vehicles they are purchasing are safe and undamaged. When companies buy and sell numerous cars and trucks each month, they may be checking multiple history reports on a daily basis, with the required fees adding up. To help, EpicVIN’s new Unlimited Package makes it simple and more affordable for multiple vehicle purchasers to ensure that each used vehicle they look at while shopping has a clean history.

Is this the future of vehicle history reports?

EpicVIN offers the best vehicle history database on the market and makes it easy to access and save information with a user-friendly mobile app. The EpicVIN Vehicle History Report mobile app includes an innovative barcode scanning feature that allows clients to look-up vehicle information anywhere, anytime. From a mobile device, you can receive instant information on a vehicle’s history with just its 17-digit VIN or license plate number. Each history report includes user-friendly data visualization tools that make the information easier to review, save, and understand.

EpicVIN provides thousands of customers with complete vehicle history information every day. Unlike its competitors, the nationwide company is constantly adding new information to its safe and secure reporting database. EpicVIN is making it easier and cheaper than ever to protect your investment in a used car or truck. To access an EpicVIN vehicle history report, a client needs only the car’s VIN number and a mobile phone.

More information about the EpicVIN Unlimited Package can be found on the website: https://epicvin.com/unlim-packet

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