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Is a smaller GMC Hummer EV on the way?

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The GMC Hummer EV weighs nearly 10,000 pounds and is classified as a full-size truck. So, it’s unpractical for urban dwellers and several spots overseas. However, Automotive News reports General Motors is considering a midsize iteration of this new electric truck – one that will play into a plan to ship EVs to Europe.

The article by Automotive New cites an unnamed source who says the smaller Hummer EV is a design concept in GM’s California studio, but it has a good chance of making it into production.

Why a smaller Hummer EV makes sense

The gas-guzzling Hummer brand was killed off in 2010, but the name recognition – even after a 12-year hiatus – is huge. So, building on this nameplate within the GMC brand makes a lot of sense.

Additionally, considering GM’s plans for world-wide EV proliferation by 2035, a smaller version of this truck means it would fit on narrow medieval European streets.

And then you have the price tag. There aren’t many people who can afford to shell out $100k for a truck. So a more affordable and smaller iteration makes it more accessible to more people.

What could a smaller Hummer EV look like

If you look at the original Hummer lineage, from the H1 to the H2 to the H3, you get an idea of how the EV iteration could evolve with similar design language and smaller proportions. It might even get some of the innovations we’re seeing in the Sierra EV – like a fold-flat midgate.

Assuming GM is committed to the Hummer nameplate, we might even see something like the never-produced Jeep Wrangler-sized H4.

The bottom line

Though nothing has been confirmed about a smaller GMC Hummer EV, the fact a design concept exists means GM is giving it serious consideration. With the popularity of the Hummer nameplate and the desire to expand overseas, an H3- or H4-sized Hummer EV is a no-brainer.

So, fingers crossed we see a smaller, more affordable Hummer soon.

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