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Accessories that keep your pickup in top shape

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It’s no secret that pickup truck are built with durability in mind. May they be massive pickups intended for towing, or tiny trucks built for around-town navigation, these beloved modes of transportation continue to be engineered with practicality and performance at the forefront.

But for those who truly love their pickup truck, an additional level of care is required to keep them in top condition. And by that we mean both externally and internally. 

Which leads us to the following high-quality auto accessories. A fantastic dynamic duo that many of us see almost every day, but few stop to truly ponder. Together, the following two accessories can keep a truck’s interior and exterior properly protected, all while looking pretty nice in the process.

Outdoor car covers 

If you are like most of us, chances are your pickup spends more time parked outside than it does in the garage. Trucks are tough, so it shouldn’t matter, right? Well, it does matter, because Mother Nature is one tough mama, and your pickup needs protecting.

Sure, a drizzle or two will not require a visit to the body shop, but extended exposure to UV rays, hail, acid rain, microplastics, and corrosion-causing road salt slush can do a real number on even the toughest truck.

An outdoor car cover is one of those pickup truck accessories that protect both the belongings in the bed of your truck as well as the vehicle’s exterior. Easy to install, and even easier to transport due to their foldable, roll-up nature, car covers provide an extra layer of protection that cannot be underestimated.

So do your research, find the ideal truck cover, and don’t hesitate to slap it on that rig anytime you park it outdoors for more than a day.

Pickup truck floor mats

Protecting the exterior of your truck is really important, but so too is the interior. Work trucks and 4×4 SUV machines are particularly prone to filthy interiors. No one enjoys sitting inside a disgusting car or truck cabin. Removing dust, mud, sand, and any other unsavory contaminants that have been accumulating within a vehicle’s carpet is never any fun either.

In order to ensure that your vehicle’s interior stays as pristine as possible, opt for truck floor mats that cover as much of the cabin floor as possible. All that rainwater or snow from your boots or wet sand on your sneakers is just going to embed into the carpet and start smelling rank after a while. 

The significance of quality truck floor mats cannot be underestimated, especially if you are the outdoorsy type. Rubberized all-season floor mats in particular are quite good at keeping cleaning day as effortless as possible, which in turn guarantees that your truck or SUV’s carpeted flooring is preserved for years to come.

Keep moisture, mildew, and mold out of your rig’s carpet and flooring materials, by going with waterproof floor mats. Perhaps then you will realize precisely how much more enjoyable driving can be. For when you keep your pickup truck’s interior smelling fresh, and a protective cover over its exterior, cleanliness and preventative care become easily obtainable.

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