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How to increase your truck’s resale value with a DIY paint job

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Coming at you live from the jazz-filled streets of New Orleans, comes a series of DIY tips and advice from none other than the pigment-obsessed masterminds over at AutomotiveTouchup.com.

As the resale value of pickup trucks continues to remain at an all-time high, vehicle owners are looking toward a bevy of creative ways to boost the worth of their automobiles. And while that often includes stating up on routine oil changes, replacing brake components, and basic cosmetic upkeep, those seeking to get the most bang for their buck have turned toward mastering the DIY paint job.

DIY paint job

A DIY paint job by AutomotiveTouchup.com can greatly increase your vehicle’s resale value. Photo Credit: AutomotiveTouchup.com

Why do a DIY paint job?

While regular washing, occasional waxing, ceramic coating, and even a paint protection film (PPF) install will protect a truck or SUV, repairing paint scratches, rock chips, bird dropping clear coat etchings, and embedded bug guts should be handled in a timely fashion to prevent further damage.

Taking care of these small paint blemishes doesn’t have to constitute an expensive trip to the body shop or an extensive round of professional paint repair sessions either. Companies like AutomotiveTouchup.com have come out with custom-formulated, precisely matched paint pigments and scratch repair solutions for any job, regardless of size or complexity.

“We make it simple for our customers to have the confidence to do their own paint repairs themselves. It’s convenient and it doesn’t take any experience to achieve great results for filling those minor nicks and chips that can spoil a vehicle’s appearance.”—Paul Fernandez, General Manager, AutomotiveTouchup.com 

All of the tools and materials needed to tackle the job in your garage over the weekend make things easier than ever too. Heck, AutomotiveTouchup.com has even rolled out its own proprietary line of headlight polish repair kits and tutorial videos to refresh those hazy yellow lenses out front.

DIY paint job tools

Everything you need to repair paint and body damage comes in one complete kit. Photo Credit: AutomotiveTouchup.com

AutomotiveTouchup.com to the rescue

On top of all of the paint and materials required to help get that pickup ready for resale, AutomotiveTouchup offers an easy-to-use guide for determining a vehicle’s color code to ensure an exact match on its website.

Just simply select the pigment you require, then find the form of paint that best suits the repair you wish to complete. May it be a paint pen, brush-in-bottle approach, or an all-out aerosol spray, the paint masterminds over at AutomotiveTouchup have got you and your truck covered.

While paint pens and brush-in-bottle repair solutions are ideal for small rock chips, surface scratches, and contaminant-related etching issues, things like bumper scuffs and sizable scratches should be attended to with a can of aerosol spray and some blending tools.

Just be sure to contact customer service prior to proceeding, for you will need to procure supporting materials such as body filler, sandpaper, polishing compounds, and paint tools for a flawless application. Luckily, AutomotiveTouchup.com packs everything that is needed to perform  paint repairs into one box.

“More than ever, owners are trying to get the maximum life from their vehicle and maintaining its appearance certainly adds to it. In fact, it’s never been easier to tackle cosmetic paint repairs yourself, and the results can dramatically improve your car’s value.” —Paul Fernandez, General Manager, AutomotiveTouchup.com 

DIY paint job spray can

Photo Credit: AutomotiveTouchup.com

Getting the most out of your DIY paint job

To further improve your chances of boosting your truck or SUV’s resale value, and improve the fruits of your DIY labor, turn toward the AutomotiveTouchup.com website for easy-to-understand instructional videos. Remember, there’s more than one way to approach a vehicle repair, so while the end result will likely be the same, discovering a technique that best suits your style and level of expertise can make the experience all the more effortless and expeditious.

So as you begin to bolster your truck or SUV’s resale value, drop the guys over at AutomotiveTouchup.com a line and see what the experts have to say prior to proceeding. Chat, phone call, email, smoke signals emitting from your truck’s exhaust pipe… whatever is the best form of contacting a customer service expert will work just as long as you get the tips, tricks, and guidance you require to get you through the body and paint touch-up process.

Then, when the time comes to finally pass that trusted pickup truck or SUV on to the next owner, you can rest assured in knowing that you are getting the most money that is possible. That or you just keep the vehicle because it looks so darn good, the choice is yours.

dIY paint and repair options

Photo Credit: AutomotiveTouchup.com

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