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Best drawer slides for heavy duty garage cabinets and doors

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A good set of heavy-duty drawers slides can be a huge help when those garage cabinets get loaded down with tools and gear.

But whereas a solid set of heavy duty drawer slides should always rely upon durable materials to outlast their lighter, flimsier alternatives, there is much more to consider than the metals used in these often overlooked internal cabinet components.

Here are eight options to seriously consider if you feel that your garage storage solutions deserve the best drawer slides on the market. All of the following products come constructed from solid metal materials, are engineered to work with virtually any size garage door or pull-down cabinet and are backed by outstanding reviews.

1. TCH Hardware 250 heavy duty drawer slides

This heavy-duty drawer slide from TCH Hardware is constructed from high-quality materials and is designed to be a sliding unit for large drawers and cabinets. The dimensions of this slide are 40-inches long by 1.25-inches wide by 3.75-inches tall, which makes it compatible with most garage door sizes.

This heavy-duty drawer slide is suitable for almost any garage need, as it features a load rating of 250-pounds and comes in both standard and metric measurements. Definitely a solid first choice for those requiring a reliable heavy-duty drawer slider.

2. Blum Tandem 125

Another huge heavy-duty drawer slide is the Blum Tandem 125. This drawer slide is a little longer than the first option on today’s list, and features a load capacity of 125-pounds. Similar to the way in which slides are made for the beds of heavy-duty trucks, this design makes for a solid option if extended length and moderate weight are your primary concern. Comes in both standard and metric measurements.

3. Hettich HD drawer slides

Hettich HD drawer slide runners come in a variety of grades, with heavy duty versions supporting a load rating that is far beyond the average. While the dimensions of this heavy-duty drawer slide are 39-inches long by 1-inch wide by 3.25-inches tall (figures that make it compatible with most garage doors and cabinets), its impressive 500-pound load rating is what really steals the show.

4. Vadania 1/2-inch side clearance heavy-duty slide

The Vadania 1/2-inch Side Clearance Heavy-Duty Slide is another good drawer slide option. This particular heavy-duty drawer slide is made with an aluminum frame for easier installation and corrosion resistance, and can be fitted with a multitude of accessories, including locks, wheels and more.

5. Vadania VD2576 locking slides

The Vadania VD2576 heavy-duty drawer slide is is far beefier than its lighter aluminum brethren. Key features include a lock on the side to keep the drawer from collapsing under its own weight, dimensions of 20 to 60-inches long by 3-inches wide that permit impressive access, and a max load rating of 485-pounds all make their mark.

6. Rock Hardware 16 millimeter heavy-duty drawer slide

The Rock Hardware 16 millimeter drawer slide is a popular option among garage door owners due to its high load rating and “no-slam” bumpers. It can hold up to 500-pounds, which is ideal for tool-oriented garage owners. This heavy-duty drawer slide is made with an aluminum frame and comes in standard and metric measurements.

7. Accuride 12- to 60-inch heavy-duty drawer slides

Accuride’s 12- to 60-inch heavy-duty drawer slides are another excellent option for those needing extreme strength. Constructed entirely from a steel frame, these units can hold anything a cabinet throws at them, with a whopping 600-pound weight limit being the final tally. In addition, these drawer slides are built with a reversible lock on each side, both of which can be unlocked to save space. The dimensions of this heavy-duty drawer slide are 22-inches long by 1-inch wide by 4-inches tall.

8. Lontan 4502S3 heavy duty soft close slides

Lontan 4502S3 heavy duty soft close slides are another excellent option if you are looking for a drawer slide, but don’t fancy a slamming sound every time it closes. These drawer slides come with a soft close feature, which prevents the door from slamming, while easing open for smooth access. Constructed from materials that are intended to last a lifetime, this drawer slide can handle up to 100-pounds, making it the ideal option for slimmer top-mounted drawers and pull-down units.

The bottom line

In conclusion, there are many options to consider when shopping for drawer slides. Fortunately, every drawer slide on today’s list offers outstanding reliability, durability, longevity and practicality.

So shop around, see what works best for your needs, and try to keep those digits out of the way when it comes time to close that drawer or garage door!

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