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7 Can-Am accessories to put on your ATV for high speed

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For as much as we love 4×4 trucks and SUV overlanding vehicles, we fully recognize their limitations as well. For instance, unless you are driving some sort of bizarre Japanese 4×4 micro machine, most full-size passenger vehicles are too large to go down tight trails.

This is why many people will opt for an ATV. A miniature machine like an ATV or side-by-side allows you the freedom to explore those narrow side trails and hit trailheads that were previously off limits.

Of all of the ATV offerings out there, Can-Am products remain one of the most popular option. But, with so many accessory options and add-ons, it can be difficult to determine where to spend your money. Below you will find some of the best Can-Am accessories to put on your ATV to help guarantee that next high speed adventure is both safe and enjoyable.

1. Tires

There are many tire options to consider when shopping for your ATV. One of the most popular tire choices for ATV owners are Maxxis Tires, many of which can handle up to a 40% incline, regardless of whether you are slogging through sand, mud, snow or some other form of terrain. Upgrading your ATV’s tires is a great way to make your rig more capable straight out the gate with minimum modifications required. Today, a myriad tire sizes and styles exist. So do your research, shop around, and think about what form of wheeling you plan on doing.

2. Skid plates

Installing a skid plate on your ATV should be one of the first considerations to factor into your Can-Am build. Skid plates protect your ATV’s undersides from impacts, and help prevent debris and organic matter from accumulating on critical mechanical components. Skid plate options are commonly constructed from aluminum, steel, or plastic and are typically a bolt-in affair. However, some kits do require drilling, while others make it difficult to easily access the battery compartment and other core portions of the ATV.

3. Lighting

Aftermarket lighting is one of the most useful Can-Am accessories to put on your ATV. This is especially true if you plan on attempting high-speed runs, where crisp lines of sight are mandatory. Mounting options, lumen figures, sizes, and color options are infinite, so consider what type of wheeling you plan on doing before you opt for certain set of aftermarket ATV lights.

4. Suspension

Most stock ATV suspension setups are plenty capable straight out the gate, but for those who need to take things further, a solid set of aftermarket suspension components is a great option. Shocks, springs and even coilover systems are all options, with stability, reliability, performance, comfort and predictability all being vital considerations. A quality suspension system should be matched to the weight and height of the ATV itself to ensure a smooth ride, as they make high speed runs and break-over departure angles at slower speeds possible.

5. GPS

A GPS unit is an accessory that most people don’t think they need — all the way up until their smartphone fails to find service, and they are left wondering where in the hell they are in the wild. Popular GPS offerings for ATV owners are waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and come preloaded with a bevy of trail information and maps. This is an essential upgrade if you plan to hit trails that are not marked clearly, or if you plan on pushing deep into the unknown.

6. ATV nerf bars

If you want extra protection for your ATV, consider getting a set of nerf bars. These practical bolt-on upgrades protect both ATV and rider from obstacles, with the best Can-Am nerf bars bring constructed from steel. Popular options are available for most Can-Am models, including the X3, X4, and even the Renegade. Nerf bars are also infinitely customizable and can be adjusted for optimum protection, weight balance, and overhead clearance.

7. Can-Am ATV bumpers

There are many different types of ATV bumpers that you can have installed on your Can-Am, including winch-equipped bumpers, all-terrain rock slider bumpers, and brush guard outfitted offerings. Just remember that your steel bumper should work in tandem with you and your ATV’s needs, and will be built around a specific year, make and model.


There are an endless array of bolt-on accessories and aftermarket add-ons for the ATV market, with the Can-Am brand being right in the center of all the action. From armor and LED lighting, to power and handling upgrades, every addition to your ATV can make a huge difference in the way in which it performs. So shop wisely, read reviews, watch tutorial videos and think about what your specific ATV needs might be before outfitting that miniature off-road rig.

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