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Design problem or user error? 2022 Toyota Tundra cracked seat after just 5k miles


The new 2022 Toyota Tundra is a ground up redesign, and it has had a rocky start to its first full-year on the market with turbo issues and a variety of other problems. Now, it seems the seat trim on the driver’s side where the seat controls rest is cracking. And it isn’t a small crack. A viewer emailed us to show his 2022 Toyota Tundra cracked seat after just 5k miles.

How did the 2022 Toyota Tundra cracked seat happen?

This crack is massive and is being caused by the way the owner, Dexter Ennis, is getting in and out of his truck. Basically, Ennis is sliding across the seat and putting body weight on the thin plastic as he drops to the ground. He had the part replaced after a discussion with the dealer. Ennis said the dealer agreed to a one-time replacement and have notified Toyota to keep an eye out for more problems.

You can see the crack from footage Ennis sent to us in the video below.

But, wait. There’s more! A few days later, we got another email from an owner with a similar problem.

Then, in the comments for the video, we read other accounts of different brands experiencing the same problem.

Now, some of the comments suggested Ennis is too heavy and his body weight is causing the problem. This can be said for the second owner as well. Both of these guys are in the 250-pounds range. While this is an interesting discussion, there shouldn’t be a weight limit to drive a new truck.

The other commonality between the owners is they both slide across the seat to get out. Some have suggested you should climb up and into the truck, then sit down thereby saving your seat and side bolstering.

The bottom line

This all leads to so many questions. Is this a user error due to sliding or a design flaw manufacturers need to address? How do you get into your truck? Are these things we should even be discussing when truck prices are soaring? Shouldn’t these new, pricey trucks hold up better than this? Let us know in the comments.

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Tim Esterdahl

Automotive Journalist Tim Esterdahl has been a lover of trucks and SUVs for years. He has covered the industry since 2011 and has pieces in many national magazines and newspapers. In his spare time, he is often found tinkering on his '62 C10 pickup, playing golf, going hunting and hanging out with his wife and kids in Nebraska.

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  1. John Swenson July 13, 2022

    Design problem. I should not have to sit in truck a certain way to prevent a part from braking.

    1. John Jensen December 15, 2022

      I have the same problem now the one thing I don’t understand is. I had a 2019 Tundra same seats and never had that problem. This shouldn’t happen we all paid alot of money for this truck. I think we should all.get together and go after them. If this is the case we should get our money back

      1. Chuck Siedlecki February 21, 2023

        I have a 2022 Tundra, 1794 if or e Max.
        It has 17,400 miles and needs the plastic part for the seat replaced again. This Weill be the second time. I am a bigger guy at 6’4 and 325 lbs. This is my first Totota. I was RAM guy and have owned a 1500, 2500 and a 3500 and never had cracks in the plastic seat support.

      2. Humberto Dorantes August 18, 2023

        I agree with you, I have the same problem and the dealer worker told me that I don’t know how to get out my truck and it’s my fault.

    2. Josh August 31, 2023

      I’m 5’10, 190 and have 20k miles on my tundra. Mine broke as well. At the dealer right now as it’s covered under warranty. I don’t do anything weird getting in/out. When I drive my elbow is on the door.

  2. Franco July 30, 2022

    Definitely a design problem. Seeing it in Ontario, Canada too. A friend of mine (a mechanic) has one and same problem. User error??? Caaaamon, its a seat cover! That cover looks flimsy and cheap compared to previous generations. I haven’t heard of them ctacking.

  3. Tom Hill August 12, 2022

    I have a 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited. I also had the seat trim panel crack with less than 5K miles. The dealership replaced the piece with no hassle. Less than two days later, the panel had popped loose. The dealership reinstalled the panel. One month later the panel has popped out of alignment again and the dealership has ordered another part. The dealership also informed me that I was getting out of the truck putting pressure on the part. This is a faulty design.

  4. John Weiler August 13, 2022

    Mine broke today when I got out . The panel is whole, but the retaining clip broke. I will talk to Toyota when I have it serviced at 5K. It only has 1900 miles on it.

  5. Brent Clay August 18, 2022

    My 2022 tundra driver seat trim also cracked and has totally broken away at 6000 miles. Street Toyota in Amarillo Tx has part on back order for 1 1/2 month to replace. Will the passenger side do the same thing and I assume the new part will break also if not redesigned

  6. Lisa Gordon September 9, 2022

    My 4th Tundra and the 22 seats are seriously made of the poorest quality materials. My plastic has not cracked yet but I only weigh 125 and it’s bowing everytime I get in, the correct way! It’s only a matter of time before it cracks from what I can see and I am very careful!

  7. Harry Hyslop September 15, 2022

    I have a 2022 Tundra Limited Crew Max with only 4400 miles. I noticed after washing my truck and while cleaning the inside that I have the same crack! I took it to the dealer yesterday for the back window seal problem. The service manager checked the two he has on the lot and both of them have the seal problem. He said that he would order a new replacement. So I am taking it in tomorrow hopefully for cracked support replacement. This is not Toyota quality!!!

  8. Santiago Gonzales September 19, 2022

    I have a 2022 Toyota tundra with around I 7000 miles. I don’t know if i caused a problem but I did notice it when I got it back from the dealership after a recall. but because I didn’t bring it up at the time I can’t complain I have it remedied without them denying it that they are at fault. but I can say that I did not help the situation. My seat panel is cracked and just broke off so now it’s hanging off by the cord of the power seat.

  9. Brandon September 23, 2022

    I had the exact same problem, but both the driver and passenger sides completely cracked and broke off and were hanging from the wiring. The dealership replaced both today, but I believe the new panels will fail as well. In my opinion, I think the seats are the issue. There isn’t much support on the sides of the seats so when you sit on the edges when climbing in they compress and put pressure on the panels and over time the panels wear out and crack. My fiance owns a newer Highlander and she has similar leather seats and she doesn’t have this problem. Her seats have more support on the edges therefore they don’t compress as much and don’t come into contact with the panels.

  10. Chris Finetto September 26, 2022

    This is not user error. User error would be one user, or a limited subset. I have same challenge with the plastic seat trim trim cracking after a few months. Any ideas on how to get a replacement part would be appreciated. Assuming I should be a few as this poor design will be a recurring issue.

  11. Gerard Bonnar November 5, 2022

    My 2022 Tundra is 5 months old and has 3000 miles on it. About a month ago noticed a 3 inch crack on plastic driver side seat cover and cover was not attached correctly. Since then crack has progressed to a broken section. Went to dealer for warrantee claim and he claims it is my fault and wants nearly $522 to replace. Add to this 3 recall visits, cracked light lens that allows trapped moisture in light assembly and causes light to flicker (dealer claims not covered by warrantee since it is “ damaged” even though no visible sign of impact, and wants $2781 to replace), Srs air bag malfunction message keeps intermittently coming on, gas gage not accurate, and you have the most frustrating Toyota I have ever owned. Trying to get a response from Toyota customer service on warrantee claims so I am hoping they will do right with me since dealer doesn’t seem to want to help.

  12. Karl Hidalgo December 5, 2022

    Same problem here , have less than 5k miles and on my second replacement of the side panel. Dealer had the nerve to say i need to be careful getting in and out!!! 70k dollar truck. Extremely dissatisfied with the quality and handling of my issue. Toyota going downhill on customer satisfaction at this point. They need a release on how they are working to fix this because that cheap plastic piece will be back in the shop sooner rather than later. Imagine a commercial explaining u need to sit carefully. Joke.

    1. John Jensen December 15, 2022

      I have the same problem now the one thing I don’t understand is. I had a 2019 Tundra same seats and never had that problem. This shouldn’t happen we all paid alot of money for this truck. I think we should all.get together and go after them. If this is the case we should get our money back

  13. Robert Rankin December 17, 2022

    I’m taking my ’22 Tundra Limited in Monday morning for a seat trim crack in the same, exact place with the same, exact circumstances. And, I’m only 215lbs. If I have to consistently, perform a delicate pirouette into my truck, this marriage just may not last. There is no way this should be a problem the consumer is responsible for. My Tundra has less than 9,000 miles. Overall, I’ve been less than thrilled with this truck after trading in my Ram last March. The brakes have begun squeaking incessantly (these aren’t break in dust squeaks and they aren’t going away), there are popping noises at low speeds that should not be coming from underneath a $60K truck with less than 10,000 miles, the rear window bangs around and sounds like it may break, and the exterior window trim is coming loose in places. Monday should be interesting.

  14. Fay Ramsay January 21, 2023

    I have the same issue with my 2022 truck. It’s ridiculous that you have to really learn how to go in-and-out of a truck . I had a 2020 Tundra and there were no issues with the seats cracking. Toyota needs to do the right thing and recall these damn trucks and chane these flimsy seats.

  15. Marwan Essa January 25, 2023

    I have the same exact problem, only two weeks after I got my Truck. Took it to dealer, their “technician” said it was my fault and not warrantee problems. This was my fifth Toyota from the same dealer, never AGAIN !!!!!

  16. Anonymous January 28, 2023

    Same issue here definitely a design issue

  17. Joseph February 18, 2023

    Mine broke at 21 k miles on my limited. Dealer said it was due to outside forces and denied claim. Poor engineering, it hasn’t broken yet on my 2012 tundra.. what else is gonna break

  18. Oliver February 21, 2023

    Mine broke as well – no crack but the front plastic eyelet socket broke . It slides over the metal seat rail, and captures the front of the trim. The lower center clamp.was broken as well – it hooks across a small metal bar. The lower center clamp broke very early on. Leaving a piece of round plastic in the floor. I took the whole assembly off & popped two holes into the remaining flange / clamp and zip tied them to the existing mounting bar and rail. I figured no use in getting another one as everything for these Tundras is 2-3 months from Toyota. Don’t get me started on the windshield. Two broken on two separate 2022 tundras both with less than 10k on the odometers. First was a demo which busted after a tiny rock hit it and the second was my personal truck. Glass company and Toyota are saying 2-3 months. Unbelievable.

  19. Harry Hyslop March 1, 2023

    My replacement plastic seat trim for the driver’s side was replaced 2/28/23 under warranty on my 2022 Tundra which was purchased in Jan. 2022. It was ordered in September of 2022. The dealer said that it was probably the same quality of the original. So I expect this one to crack also. During the time that the new part was ordered it continued to crack several more places and finally pulled away almost completely from the seat. Previously I owned 2 Ford F-150s; a 16 and an 18 and never had a problem with cracked seat trim. Obviously it is a quality problem and definitely not Toyota quality. I call Toyota corporate and complained. The CR rep indicated to me that unless people call in and complain that Toyota may not even look into it. So I urge everyone to do so!!

    1. Lucas Vest July 26, 2023

      Who do you call?

  20. Ismael Pena March 31, 2023

    I bought my 2022 Tundra in December, it has exactly 5,000 miles and I have the same problem,

  21. Anonymous April 19, 2023

    I have a 2022 tundra and the plastic side panel on the seat has now broken twice
    the first time was only a month after I got it the dealer replaced it at that time
    the new panel lasted about as long as the first one
    now I am being told by the dealer that no one else is having this problem
    I had two other tundra’s in the past and never had a problem with the seat panel ( it is not the way I get in or out of the truck)
    it looks like Toyota is side stepping the problem hopping it goes away

  22. Charlene May 8, 2023

    Out whole panel broke within a year and they offered a 1 time replacement. It has since broken again. Not sure why I should have to delicately get out of a Tundra. I’m only 5’4 and can’t reach the running board without sliding over the seat a bit. I have never had this problem when any other cars or SUVs.

  23. Tom July 3, 2023

    Same problem, 1 year old 2022 tundra and the seat trim is cracked straight off the frame.

  24. Les Hiscock July 6, 2023

    I have the same problem with cracked plastic on drivers seat and gas gauge issues. GM quality for sure.

  25. Anonymous July 7, 2023

    My 2018 Tundra Limited isn’t cracked but the panel has popped half the way off. I am a big man also. 6′-4″, 350 lbs. However, the real problem isn’t with the fact that people are big. The real problem is that they don’t have a handle on the driver side. There is a handle on every other door except for the driver door. I love Toyota but this is a very cheap way to make people spend more money to buy a handle. If you have a handle you can support your weight going in and out of the truck

  26. John Bennett July 23, 2023

    Seat cracked around 5000 miles, maybe less, on my 2022 Tundra also. Doesn’t seem like user error to me with as many people as there are with this problem and I’m sure there are lots of people having this problem because my dealer has no ETA on when the replacement part will come in. The service department tried telling me all sorts of cars have this problem but I’ve never experienced this, ever. Very disappointed the dealer/company is trying to attribute this defect to user error.

  27. scott priebusch August 10, 2023

    totally a design issue . Press the seat down acouple of inches and your on the plastic , it will brake again and again . 2 replacements in a year !!

  28. colin gamblin August 17, 2023

    Tundra seats from 2007 to 2021 side covers are reinforced with a steel brackett,No way for side cover to crack or break off.They redesigned in 2022,Two plastic clips hold cover on.Joke.
    I bought a 2023 capstone,5,000 miles cover broke,had it replaced,two weeks later broke again.Dealer says it is my fault.Weight and sliding in and out of truck.I filed a complaint with Toyota.May have to go back to Ford.

  29. colin gamblin August 26, 2023

    Heard back from Toyota after I filed a complaint.Get this. They said they talked to dealer service manager who told them it was me sliding in and out of truck.What a stupid statement.My Capstone 2023 Tundra has auto side steps,I step up into truck.Period.
    When I exit truck I HAVE TO SLIDE OUT OF TRUCK ! Steel support bracket in 2021 Tundras,no issue.Toyota redesign truck in 2022,
    plastic clips for support. Really? Now what would COMMON SENSE TELL YOU? Toyota needs to design a side cover similar to 2021
    covers and send it out to dealers for replacement.

  30. Mike wade September 4, 2023

    I have the same damn problem I have a 2022 Toyota Kapstone. I have a crack on the panel on the driver side Toyota needs to fix this. It’s a cheap part and that’s ridiculous for $75,000 truck. I am so disappointed if you’re gonna drive a vehicle, you’re gonna have good seats in it I don’t care what the quality of the engine or the transmission or the drivetrain is, what good is it if you can’t drive the damn thing

  31. Keith September 14, 2023

    This happened to my tundra’s seat as well. The dealer replaced it on time and now it’s happened again. I’ve had a 2015 and 2019 Tundra and never had this issue. Very frustrating. I’ve been more conscious of get in and out of my truck this time around but it still happened

  32. Chris Alcala September 28, 2023

    I agree with this issue. I have had my truck for 1 year, 20k miles today, and I have had to replace my seat cover 3 times already. I was finally told that it is not covered under warranty because of an updated part that fixed the issue. I have a previous piece of plastic that I saved and a new piece of this seat panel saved. SAME PLASTIC AND THICKNESS. Dealership now wants me to pay for my seat cover for a $65k truck that I would not have this issue with any other manufacturer. I had a 2016 Tundra with over 80k miles and not one thing broke off that truck. Toyota needs to step it up or lose a family to their faulty parts.


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