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Five things we hope to see from the 2023 Toyota Sequoia


To say that the Toyota Sequoia is outdated is an understatement, so that’s why the 2023 Sequoia is one of the most anticipated SUVs in a while.

The big hulking SUV is of the utmost importance for Toyota USA. And just today, Toyota released a teaser image of the next-generation Sequoia. It’s hard to tell much from the image, and there’s little to no confirmation of what the Sequoia will be, so everything is conjecture at this point.

With that in mind, let’s look at the five things we hope to see from the 2023 Toyota Sequoia.

A hybrid powertrain

The 2022 Tundra was redesigned with a new platform, which it will share with the Sequoia. One of the highlights of the Tundra is Toyota’s iForce MAX twin-turbo V-6 hybrid powertrain. The Tundra doesn’t have a V-8 engine any longer, and we can assume that the Sequoia won’t either.

Frankly, it wouldn’t be shocking at all to find the sluggish, outdated V-8 will give way to the more innovative iForce MAX hybrid. The power numbers from the Tundra with this engine would translate well to the Sequoia.

Looking at the Tundra numbers, 437 horsepower is more than the 381 horses the 5.7-liter V-8 currently gets. So put us down as being in favor of a smaller engine, with more power and better fuel economy.

Capstone trim

Toyota recently added a much-needed, top-tier Capstone trim for the Tundra. So, what we want to say is: Hey, Toyota, go ahead and put the Capstone trim into the Sequoia, too. In order to compete against the GMC Yukon, Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Ford Expedition, the 2023 Sequoia will need a much-improved cabin with high-end touch points.

The Capstone trim we see in the Tundra would make the Sequoia quite competitive in the full-size SUV segment.

One of the biggest (and fairest) criticisms of the current-generation Sequoia is the outdated cabin. It lacks any pizzazz, and the Capstone would certainly provide that. Yes, there’s the Nightshade trim on the current model year, but we’d still love to see Capstone be added.

Smooth ride

When it comes to big SUVs, smooth is the name of the game. Yes, the Sequoia is based off the TNGA-F body-on-frame platform from the Tundra, but that doesn’t mean it should drive like a truck. The Tundra in general has a smooth ride, compared to other pickup trucks, so hopefully the 2023 Sequoia will have an independent rear suspension.

The 2022 Tundra has rear coil springs, but that would not play great in a large SUV. Far too often, the third row in these SUVs feel bouncy and will make for a nauseous road trip. Hopefully, the next Sequoia will fix that.

Bold looks

Okay, this is a no brainer. Obviously, the 2023 Sequoia will be completely redesigned (and boy did it need it). The current Sequoia is more than 10 years old and looks it. Judging from the teaser photo of the rear quarter panel, we see modern looks for the Sequoia.

From the little we do see in this teaser, we like the thin taillights that have distinction. The chrome accent on the windows and door handles are also attractive. In short, the looks are on point — but we can’t wait to see the grille.

The new Tundra wasn’t without controversy over the grille, and Toyota’s designers (which includes Lexus) seem to be taking bold chances here. And we’re OK with that. The Sequoia needs some boldness.

Updated infotainment system

This also seems like a no brainer. The Sequoia infotainment system has shown its age over the years. The long-in-the-tooth infotainment system left it far behind the competition. But we expect a 14-inch touchscreen similar to that in the Tundra along with the modern digital gauge cluster.

Publisher Tim Esterdahl has covered the good and the bad of the new infotainment system in his 2022 Tundra. But by 2023, Toyota should have any bugs worked out and we expect the new infotainment system to make the Sequoia relevant. Plus, they could and should add the JBL Sound System as an option for consumers.

The bottom line on 2023 Toyota Sequoia

There’s not a vehicle on the road that is more in need of a major overhaul than the Sequoia. This is several years too late in our opinion, but that shouldn’t take away the anticipation of this big SUV. We are looking forward to more details and more information to come on the next-gen Sequoia.

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