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Chevy Colorado Trail Boss is no longer available, here’s why


Well, that was fast. Four months after Chevrolet announced the Trail Boss package being available for the 2022 Colorado, the automaker discontinued it. Truck Trend broke the news, and the reason? It was too popular.

Anisha Sredzinski, Chevrolet Trucks & FSSUVs, Communications Manager Communications confirmed the news and explained why.

“Ordering is currently unavailable for the Trail Boss Package that was offered on the 2022 Colorado LT and Z71.” Sredzinski said. “We saw very high demand for this package and are no longer able to accommodate additional orders at this time. The Colorado LT Trail Boss is definitely no longer available in 2022, but more to come on the Colorado Z71 Trail Boss as we look into what’s possible later in the model year.”

Is Trail Boss gone for good?

Clearly the door is still open for the Trail Boss to come back to the Colorado lineup. And obviously with such high demand, it would be a smart move for Chevy to do it. If all the supply-chain hurdles and production obstacles dissipate, they could revisit this and make it available mid-year. This is unconfirmed and not in the plans, but don’t be surprised if it returns for 2023.

“The Trail Boss package was added due to the popularity of the trim for Silverado, which is why we decided to include a dealer accessory package for 2022 Colorado Z71 and LT,” Sredzinski said. “We don’t see ordering changes or availability of this package affecting 2022 Colorado ZR2.”

Why it was the right move

While this is frustrating and upsetting for customers who may have ordered the Trail Boss for the Colorado, it is simply fallout from the supply-chain issues plaguing manufacturers. Chevy was faced with two choices: First, take all the orders for the Trail Boss and struggle to get them out in a timely manner. Or second, turn down the orders rather than leave customers hanging.

It essentially comes down to disappointing a customer at the beginning or at the end. If you look at how Ford flubbed launch of the Bronco, maybe this was the right track to take. Ford took hundreds of thousands of orders, drove up the excitement and then wasn’t able to fulfill the orders, leaving a trail of anger and worn out patience throughout the Bronco community.

Rather than deal with similar ramifications, Chevy chose to just punt. For now.

The bottom line on Colorado Trail Boss

Yes, it’s disappointing. But being faced with two tough choices, Chevy probably made the best call. It will be curious to see if people cancel their orders altogether or go to Z71 or ZR2.

What do you think about Chevy’s decision? Was it the right one? Or what should they have done instead? Leave us your comments.

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