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2022 Land Rover Range Rover: 5 things we’re excited about


Last week we did a teaser story on the next generation of Land Rover’s flagship SUV – the iconic Range Rover. With that story came a blurred-out image of the exterior. Now, all of the details for the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover are in focus.

In addition to images, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) revealed what future model years of the fifth-generation luxury off-road SUV will look like. And we like what we see.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things to come for the fifth-gen Range Rover.

2022 Ranger Rover gets a 7-passenger option

The new Range Rover is built on a new platform called MLA-Flex. As the name insinuates it provides flexibility for both shorter and longer wheelbases. As such, the all-new luxury SUV will have four-, five- and seven-passenger configuration options.

The Standard Wheelbase (SWB) is 8 inches shorter than the new longer wheelbase (LWB). The specs show the overall length of the SWB to be 199 inches compared to 207 inches for the LWB. Overall width and height of the two wheelbases are identical.

Land Rover says the LWB version will provide a third row and extra comfort to accommodate seven passengers. The LWB version is also 175 pounds heavier (7,385 pounds gross vehicle weight).

An EV version is coming

Land Rover announced an ambitious plan, named “Reimagined,” to electrify its lineup by 2024. So, of course, the fifth-generation Range Rover will become fully electric, but just not yet.

Range Rover will slowly transition toward the reimagined future, first with a plug-in hybrid arriving in the 2023 model year. JLR announced that this 434-horsepower PHEV version would have an EV range of up to 62 miles.

The fully-electric version will launch in the 2024 model year.

Both leather & wool textiles are available

As a luxury brand, you expect high-quality touch points and impressive materials. The 2022 Range Rover will once again partner with Kvadrat, the leading textile manufacturer in Europe, to provide interior materials that are “better than leather,” according JLR.

The seats have a wool-blend material called Ultrafabrics. While wool sounds itchy, one of the areas that is always impressive in Land Rovers is the seat materials. This patented blend feels great and is also easy to clean, which is great since the Range Rover is rugged and ready to get dirty.

And don’t worry, there are leather seat options available for those who prefer it.

It gets even more capable

Despite its high price tag (starting at $104,000), the 2022 Range Rover is quite capable off the road. It’s always hard to imagine such a refined, luxurious vehicle crawling down a steep terrain, but that’s exactly what the Range Rover can do.

And for the fifth-generation it gets even more capable thanks to the JLR’s Integrated Chassis Control – a single control system for a suite of advanced technologies that tailor the vehicle dynamics to suit every mile of every journey, to preemptively and reactively fine-tune the driving characteristics.

With the new architecture, JLR engineers were able to add more performance-oriented versatility. As such, the 2022 Range Rover will have all-wheel steering and Dynamic Response Pro.

The new all-wheel steering technology is advanced this year with an electrically operated rear axle. This provides up to seven degrees of steering angle and, at low speeds, turns out-of-phase of the front wheels, giving the New Range Rover a turning circle of 36 feet – the smallest of any Land Rover vehicle. At higher speeds the rear axle turns in phase with the front wheels for enhanced stability and comfort.

The New Range Rover will be the first Land Rover vehicle to feature Dynamic Response Pro. The powerful new active 48-volt electronic roll control system is faster-acting and more efficient than a hydraulic set-up, with a torque capacity of more than 1,000 pound-feet fed into the rollover protection system to keep body movements under control.

Wait! A 4.4-second 0-60-mph time?

I saved the best feature for last. For those worried that the Range Rover would be too focused on fuel efficiency and full of hybrid technology, have no fears. The 2022 Range Rover gets a twin turbo V-8 engine that delivers 532 horses. JLR says with Dynamic Launch mode enabled, that the Range Rover can go from 0-60 mph in as little as 4.4 seconds. For a vehicle that ways more than 5,500 pounds, that is impressive.

The 4.4-liter V-8 is available on all the trims and both wheelbases.

The bottom line on the 2022 Range Rover

It’s great that Land Rover is committed to a long-term vision of zero tailpipe emissions. And it’s equally great that they’re starting that transition. But we also think it’s great the fifth-generation Range Rover will have a V-8 engine and all the cool off-road technology, too.

Sure the price tag is steep (starting at $104,000), but combining luxury with off-road prowess plus cutting-edge engineering technology seems to justify the price. Somewhat. The 2022 Range Rover is available to order, and more information can be found on the Land Rover USA website.

What do you think about the next-generation Land Rover? Leave a comment below.

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