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Love it or hate it? New interior, exterior 2022 Tundra photos circulating

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Over the weekend, our colleague Andy Parton, who runs the YouTube channel and Instagram handle Gear Runner, posted 2022 Tundra photos he received from subscribers. We don’t know where they originated or who took them, but they’re the first shots we’ve seen of the uncovered vehicle – and the interior.

And, um, whoa.

This is not quite how we thought it would end up looking when all the teasers were pieced together.

The exterior photos show both a double cab and crew cab configuration of the regular Tundra – not the TRD Pro that has been previously teased by Toyota.

It has the same long horizontal lines along the bed we were expecting, and the wide grille is not a surprise. But we don’t’ see the finishing touches and details that we saw on the TRD Pro, and it somehow looks less bold and exciting.

The straight-up interior shots are a first. Previously, we had only seen teaser snatches of the interior of the TRD Pro and a few spy shots, but again, this is the full-on regular version of the Tundra.

The infotainment screen looks like it might be an up-level size because other teaser shots show it even with the dash. And that’s nice and all, but frankly, the rest of the dash and button lineup looks a bit bland. And do we spy analog gauges behind the wheel with a small display cluster in the middle? For 2022?

While we assume this is more of a base truck, this is all still surprising.

The bottom line on the 2022 Tundra photos

The photos are grainy, and the interior details aren’t super clear. But we’ll be honest here, what we’re seeing isn’t wowing us. And the new Tundra needs to wow.

What do you think? Is this what you expected from the 2022 Tundra? And do you love it or hate it?

We’re trying to withhold judgement until we see it in person, but right now, we are not falling on the “love it” side of the spectrum.

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