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New year, new lawsuit for Ford F-150, this time for oil consumption

Ford F-150 oil consumption
2019 Ford F-150 (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

We hear complaints about the Ford EcoBoost engine all the time – especially in rainy or humid conditions. But a new lawsuit, filed on January 6, specifically pertains to the 5.0-liter, V-8 engine and excessive oil consumption. It affects 2018 to 2020 models.

As reported by CarComplaints.com, the owners filing suit allege that the excessive oil consumption causes the engine to fail at any speed (i.e. potentially while at highway speed) and that Ford is concealing this from consumers.

This lawsuit is still in the early, early stages, so we aren’t likely to see any movement on this soon. But let’s point out a few key points.

Specifically, the lawsuit alleges:

  • F-150 engines have a defect that allow oil into the combustion chambers, which is then burned off and reduces the amount of oil in the engine.
  • There is a decrease in fuel efficiency.
  • Carbon deposits form inside the engine and damage the ignition and emissions components.
  • Piston and piston ring assemblies also have defects, which cause the engine oil to enter the combustion chamber.
  • The engine oil isn’t separated from the combustion cycle and is instead burned and consumed.

Additionally, the lawsuit refers to several technical service bulletins (TSBs), one of which instructed technicians to replace the engine block if the excessive oil consumption persisted. But the lawsuit alleges at some point technicians were told to stop replacing the engine and just add more oil “as necessary.”

The bottom line F-150 oil consumption lawsuit

The original class action suit has more than 84-pages associated with it, so clearly there’s a lot more being alleged than we can summarize in five bullet points and 300 words. So, we’ll keep an eye on any developments and let you know if anything comes of the lawsuit.

If you have an 2018-2020 F-150, have you noticed any oil consumption issues?

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  1. “We hear complaints about the Ford EcoBoost engine all the time – especially in rainy or humid conditions.”
    Is this still true, to this day, Jan 2021?

  2. I have a 2020 XLT V8 5.0L that came off the line 08/2020. At approximately 3500 miles I decided to check the oil for the first time and to my surprise noticed I was 2 quarts low. Two days later I had TSB-2365 performed (which includes a free oil change) for engine oil consumption. I’ve been obsessively checking the oil every few days ever since, and so far it seems ok but only driven about 700 miles. Time will tell if this TSB helped or not.

  3. I have a 2018 f150 xlt sport 5.0 and I was 5 quarts low, so I took it in to the dealer and they did a pressure test and said nothing was wrong with it!! They then told me if it happens again to bring it back in and they would bring in a engineer from Ford to look at it, I had the tsb’s in hand they kinda looked at me weird and said my truck didn’t show any signs of the problems on the 4 tsb’s I had.

  4. I bought a 2018 F150 with the 5.0 litre in March of 2019. After the second oil change, I checked the oil after running up 6000 miles and was about a quart and a half low (quarter inch below the low mark). At that point I caught on to the oil consumption issue and starting checking my oil every other gas fill up. I am now at 30000 miles and can definitely confirm that my 5.0 litre consumes oil. The highest consumption so far was about a quart over 3000 miles (so within what Ford considers “normal”). I was certainly not enthusiastic about having the possibility of having the long block replaced – I would much rather top up occasionally. On a positive note, oil consumption seems to be decreasing as the overall mileage goes up, which is cause for optimism. I still find it disappointing considering that the atmospheric V6 in my 2017 Explorer hardly burned any oil at all (no need for a top up between oil changes). Hopefully the 5.0’s piston rings will end up seating properly on that spray-on bore lining (if that’s the problem).


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