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Wild rumors suggest Honda is working on a new SUV with NSX-inspired styling


Honda SUV

We have heard our fair share of wild rumors over the years, but if this newest one is to be believed, then it’s perhaps one of the wildest we heard yet, with Honda of all firms potentially channeling some inspiration from the NSX supercar for an all-new SUV.

The report comes from BestCarWeb.jp which states that the Japanese auto giant is acknowledging the need for a sporty offering that could ride on the same bandwidth as entries like the BMW X6 and the Porsche Cayenne Coupe. With that elite company in mind Honda could potentially design an SUV that lifts many of the NSX’s styling cues, and grafts them onto a functional profile to take full advantage of the SUV sales boom.

2020 NSX (Image Credit: Acura)

BestCarWeb.jp says that the concept is still in the early conceptual stages, but like seeing a fur-covered trout or the New York Jets winning the Super Bowl in 2021, we have our fair share of questions. For instance, if you’re already using the NSX’s styling mojo, why not just badge it as an Acura model? We can at least see some benefit of this alleged madness in the performance hardware, with the report claiming the unnamed model will feature a front mounted gasoline engine, and a rear mounted electric motor. The NSX has a similar configuration, and in theory, this could make the SUV just as fun to drive, especially if it retains the 573 horsepower wielded by the NSX.

Whatever this Honda SUV is, it’s reportedly in the very early stages of development, and as a result, it could be a few years before we see any sign of the model (the report claims 2025 could be the earliest it appears.) In the mean time, the website also claims that Honda will be busy in the more immediate term, with the company projected to bring two smaller crossovers to the marketplace. We look forward to seeing those two models, especially if they can help Honda patch some voids in their utility vehicle lineup.

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