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Major tech updates = big bucks, right? Not on 2021 Ford Edge

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Ford Edge

2021 Ford Edge (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

Whoa. Let me just start there. Ford sent out its model year updates for the 2021 Edge, and there’s actually a lot to unpack here. In fact, when I first read the press release, I didn’t believe it, thought I misread it and actually had to email Ford Motor Co. to verify.

For 2021, the biggest changes are tech related – and most of them are standard.

2021 Edge

2021 Ford Edge (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

A 12-inch screen is standard

Most automakers offer a large screen as an option. This is the halo feature that is available on up-level trims with whatever luxury upgrade package. But in a weird twist, Ford is making a 12-inch screen standard on the base SE trim, and it doesn’t look tacked-on.

Some thought actually went into integrating the screen on the center stack, and while it does pop up over the dash a tad, it doesn’t look like it added with super glue – like the Ford Explorer.

Additionally, this screen will support multi-tasking with split screen capability.

2021 Edge

2021 Ford Edge (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

2021 Edge gets Sync 4A

Ford introduced Sync 4 on the Mustang Mach-E, which isn’t out yet. Then Ford revealed it would be on the next-gen F-150 as well as the all-new Bronco. Now we learn Edge will also get Sync 4. Standard.

As the Explore Sync 4 page on Ford.com points out, this system will promote cloud-based connectivity as well as introduce conversational voice recognition.

Since the Sync 4A system in the Edge leverages the cloud, it will retain on-board processing power to minimize performance issues when you lose your signal.

Ford Edge

2021 Ford Edge (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

CarPlay and Auto are wireless

As a part of the Sync 4A system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not only standard but also wireless. Yay! (ish – more on the ish below.)

Ford says its system “WiFi enabled,” which is slightly different than Bluetooth enabled. While both allow for data transfer between devices, WiFi enabled allows those devices to get the internet.

2021 Edge

2021 Ford Edge (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

Wireless charging is available

Now for the “ish” I mentioned above. This is only available? C’mon. If you’re going to have wireless CarPlay and Auto as standard fare, wireless charging should be standard as well. Cut the cord, man!

Instead, you can’t get it on the base SE, and it’s part of the Convenience Package on the SEL trim. It is, however, standard on ST-Line, Titanium and ST.

OK, we did get a lot here. Maybe I’m asking too much with this one. Hmmm. Nope, it’s all or nothing for me – cord or no cord. None of this mixed namby-pamby stuff.

Ford Edge

2021 Ford Edge (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

The bottom line on the 2021 Edge

Perhaps the biggest news that wasn’t announced in the press release but was confirmed via email: All this standard extra stuff only increases the price by $150. Base price for the 2021 Ford Edge will be $31,250.

OK, maybe I can deal with my cord management issues for that.

This Edge is slated to go on sale in Q1 of 2021.

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