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Cool Ford F-150 evolution video, posters

F-150 evolution
Checking out the evolution of the Ford F-150 from the front profile. (Image courtesy of FleetLogging)

As we eagerly anticipate the 2021 Ford F-150 hitting the streets, our friends at FleetLogging created a cool poster series celebrating the evolution of the Ford F-150, starting with the 1948 first-generation truck.

What we love about the 38-second video is the visual morph from generation to generation, with the major changes being highlighted in text.

F-150 evolution
A visual evolution of the Ford F-150 through 14 generations. (Video courtesy of FleetLogging)

The generations and changes are as follows:

  • First (1948-1952): The F-series was Ford’s first post-war truck to be produced
  • Second (1953-1956): Vertical windshield pillars, wraparound windshield, revised cabin size, updated chassis
  • Third (1957-1960): Clamshell hood design, wider body, integrated front fenders
  • Fourth (1961-1966): Longer and lower body, revised twin I-beam front suspension
  • Fifth (1967-1972): Larger cabin, more luxurious trims and options
  • Sixth (1973-1979): Square headlights, bigger cabin
  • Seventh (1980-1986): All-new chassis and body, squared-off design with sharper lines and smoother edges for better aerodynamics
  • Eighth (1987-1991): Softer body lines, rounded fascia
  • Ninth (1992-1997): Redesigned front grille, lower hoodline, rounded fenders
  • Tenth (1998-2004): Major body redesign, independent front suspension
  • Eleventh (2004-2008): More angular styling, built using an all-new P2 platform with a fully boxed frame
  • Twelfth (2009-2014): Standard V-8 engine, larger grille and headlights,
  • Thirteenth (2015-2020): Redesigned front grille and headlights, aluminum body and steel frame
  • Fourteenth (2021+): Resculpted hood, enhanced aerodynamics, new grille and headlight design, raised front fenders.

While that’s certainly an oversimplification of the generational changes, we want to focus on the cool graphic that gives you a snapshot of the F-150 from its beginnings until now.

F-150 evolution
Checking out the evolution of the Ford F-150 from the side profile. (Image courtesy of FleetLogging)

Production has just begun on the 2021 model, and it should hit dealers later this month. Some key highlights to look forward to: a very powerful hybrid, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, an on-board generator, lockable under-seat storage and hands-free highway driving.

So, back to the F-150 evolution: Do you have a favorite generation? Me, while I love all the modern conveniences we’ll see in 2021, from a strict design perspective, I’m in love with the second generation.

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