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2021 Ram Limited lineup enters the darkness with all-new Night Edition


2021 Ram 1500 Limited Night front 3/4 (Image Credit: Ram)

When it comes to setting the gold standard in luxury, few can trump the mighty Ram Limited model. Boasting world class materials, and enough coddling to make you think you were transported into a Mercedes S-Class by mistake, the Limited trim is a very potent symbol of your success climbing the corporate ladder. But what if your a truck buyer that prefers to have a more subtle rig for your garage? Ram has you covered with the all new Ram Limited Night Edition.


If you’re getting a sense of deja vu here, it’s understandable, with the Night Edition already being available on several other Ram trims. Like that first salvo, the Limited Night Edition focuses on eliminating much of the bright chrome work that often defines a standard issue Limited, with items such as the grille, headlights, and wheels all being dipped in sinister looking black accents. The spooky appointments also extend to the mirror caps, and the bumpers are painted in modern looking body color to match the rest of the truck.

Like lesser Rams that are adorned in Night Edition regalia, the interior prefers to let the exterior do the bulk of the talking, but audiophiles will be pleased to hear that a Harmon Kardon Premium audio system is along for the ride to help add some extra dimension and bass to your favorite tunes. Otherwise, look for the interior to still retain many of the core elements that we have come to love including the real wood trim, supple leather upholstery, and a big focus on technology.

When it eventually arrives on the order books at your local Ram dealer, configurations will largely flow in sync with standard Limited models. For example on the 1500 version, the package can be equipped to either a two or four wheel drive model, but the trim is only reserved for crew cab models. The Heavy Duty Night Edition on the other hand is a bit less rigid, and buyers of these models can choose from either a base Crew Cab, or an even larger Mega Cab for optimum amounts of space. Single or Dually wheel configurations are also available, and should make the Night Edition a very versatile tool of burden, especially when it struts its stuff out on a night in the town.

The expansion of Ram’s Night Edition package into its range topping Limited models is also another potent reminder of the recent trend towards dark colored special editions in the broader truck and utility segments. Custom looking special editions with other distinct themes have been trickling into the showrooms of various automakers for years, but 2019 and 2020 has seen a noticeable spike in the amount of special editions that focus on adding splashes of black trim and other sinister accents to make a truck or SUV more stylish and modern looking.

In addition to FCA’s lineup of darkened trucks, Toyota also offers Nightshade versions of a few of its models, and Chevrolet has its lineup of Midnight edition models. Even Alfa Romeo offered a Nero Edizione (Black Edition) variant of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio last year that also adorned the feisty Italian in black accents. The common denominator here is that models like these are big money makers for dealerships, and are a good way to draw buyers into the brand, especially if they are switching from one to the other. 


As for the 2021 Ram Limited Night Edition itself, brand reps claim that the model will be available to purchase by the end of the month, with a base 1500 Limited Night Edition starting at $60,045. That’s adds up to an over $3,000 premium over a comparable Limited model without the package in place. Meanwhile, Ram still has not released formal pricing figures for the 2021 2500 and 3500 lineup, but that didn’t stop the brand from revealing that a Night Edition HD model will begin at $62,930. 


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