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Worksport announces plans for Terravis foldable pickup bed cover


With a flood of electric pickup models poised to enter the automotive market in the near future, it’s only natural to see that some of the biggest aftermarket accessory firms in the game are preparing to also cash in on what’s promising to be a very lucrative market. One of these firms is Toronto based Worksport which promises to change the game for bringing electric power to bed-mounted accessories with its all new Terravis system.

At its core, the system is a bed-mounted folding tonneau cover. However, the Terravis goes far beyond just an ordinary foldable bed cover, with Worksport actually integrating several solar panels into the design. The idea here is that the panels will absorb sunlight, transform it into electricity for the bed mounted batteries, and then allow occupants to use various pieces of equipment when an outlet is not around.

Many pickups in the market already offer bed-mounted outlets, but none of them have the ability to run off a solar energy system. The Terravis also goes a step further and comes equipped with a portable power pack that features two USB outlets, which allows owners to bring the power to wherever it’s needed.

“Everyone is moving towards solar power and renewable energy sources and so is the pickup truck market,” Steven Rossi, Worksport’s CEO, said in a press release. “Our system is being designed to, among other things, provide a meaningful source of energy for the new wave of electric trucks.”

The Terravis system will also have an impressive degree of compatibility on its side, with the company claiming that it can be fitted to trucks from the 2010 model year and up. The cover can also be fitted to upcoming electric trucks from Rivian, Bollinger, Ford, and others, with the company claiming that it could provide a slight boost to the driving range for these vehicles when they eventually arrive in the marketplace.

The mileage increase in question might not be that great, but we always welcome an extra pinch of range to help curb anxiety about not finding an available charging station. Buyers looking to buy one for themselves will still have to wait awhile before they can do so. The Terravis system is still in the early design and funding phase of development, with company reps claiming that the final product will be launched 12 to 24 months after the funding process is complete.

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