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Jeep Wagoneer logo (Image Credit Jeep)

Following the appearance of a prior teaser image that prominently featured the Grand Canyon, Jeep has unleashed a second teaser image of the upcoming Wagoneer, with this one focusing on some of the design elements that will be offered by the large SUV.

While our glimpse at these elements is limited to the badging and the interior, there are still some compelling nuggets of information to be found here. The Wagoneer lettering for instance has a distinctively retro flavor, with an American flag being prominently positioned at the end of the word.

The gold tint on all of this also has our attention, too, since we have not seen an automaker use the opulent color for an automotive badge since the mid 1990s, when it was briefly a must-have item for some models including the Toyota Camry. While it’s unknown whether the image is of a base Wagoneer or its more opulent cousin the Grand Wagoneer, the usage of gold lettering has us suspect that it is the latter.

The second image shows the interior, and while the exterior is a nod to the past, the interior is a swanky trip to the present day, with state of the art technology prevalent throughout. This includes the elegant looking stop/start button as well as the state of the art infotainment system.

The angle of the second image does not leave a lot for us to work with, but the display does appear to have two physical dials on it for quick access to the radio volume as well as a separate tuning knob. The display also appears to not be fully integrated into the dashboard like some of FCA’s older infotainment systems, with the display appearing to be placed slightly in front of the center console.

Jeep Wagoneer interior (Image Credit Jeep)

For the moment, that’s all that Jeep is willing to share, but look for more pieces to be revealed in the following weeks. We especially look forward to seeing more exterior shots to see just how close Jeep has come to matching the curb appeal offered by rivals such as Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz.  


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