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Bronco Brand: Is This The Boldest Challenge To Jeep Yet?

Ford Bronco Family Photo

Ford Bronco Family Photo (Image courtesy of Ford Motor Co.)

The countdown towards the debut of the 2021 Ford Bronco is rapidly reaching its conclusion, but while the revamped off-roader itself will be the focus of the world’s attention, the Bronco will also be launching a new brand identity, with Ford embarking on a bold and ambitious plan to sow the seeds for the growth of a community of loyalists and fans. 

Encompassing both the two-door and four-door models (as well as the smaller Bronco Sport), all three will bring a distinctive piece to the broader puzzle, and play an important part in establishing a brand culture that is not only diverse but also welcoming to new buyers that might be entering the Bronco ranks for the very first time. The newly minted brand will also be the only one in the segment to offer four-wheel drive as the standard driving format, with neither front- or rear-wheel drive being offered. 

Bronco Branding

“Bronco gave rise to the fun and versatile off-road SUV in 1966, becoming the first enjoyable sport utility vehicle for those who wanted to live, work, and play outdoors,” said Jim Farley, Ford Chief Operating Officer. “Like the original, the all-new Bronco family is engineered to take you to epic places with capability to deliver on any type of terrain.”

The first part of this plan centers around the “Built Wild” tagline. A clever play on the “Built Ford Tough” slogan that has defined the Ford F-150 for the past few decades, Built Wild goes beyond mere marketing, and is centered around three principles that were the cornerstones of the Bronco’s development cycle.

  • Built Wild Extreme Durability Testing – These elevated torture tests ensure toughness across thousands of lab, proving ground and real-world extreme challenges in the toughest and harshest climates
  • Built Wild Capability – Confidence to go over any-type of terrain (G.O.A.T.), provided by standard 4×4 and an exclusive terrain management system, plus unique Bronco-variant architectures with class-leading levels of capability and suspension technology
  • Built Wild Innovative Design – Broncos are the future of off-roading and deliver off-road ingenuity, new design innovations coupled with heritage-inspired DNA, plus new-levels of personalization that can flatter the novice and challenge the expert adventure seeker

While Built Wild will most likely be the rallying cry for fans, there are other elements that help interweave the finer aspects of the ownership experience together. This includes The Bronco Nation website, an independent online community that brings owners together in one place. Ford revealed the website awhile back, but for those that need a recap, Bronco Nation will offer owners a number of features including a dedicated blog, a news section covering the latest in Bronco news, as well as a merchandise section where owners can buy Bronco-branded gear and accessories. Buyers looking for more merchandise can check out Amazon.com/bronco where they will be able to get their hands on a wide assortment of swag. This includes branded clothing, novelties and even remote control cars.

Bronco Nation Branding

However, the detail that certainly has our collective attention is the off-road experiences Ford has planned for owners. Dubbed “Bronco Off-Roadeos” each of the four experiences in this program are off-roading playgrounds that are designed to cater to drivers of all skill levels. The idea here is that they will help owners build confidence and experience, with the goal of ultimately going out into the wild for the years to come. Ford revealed that these experiences will formally open up sometime this year, with more information being released closer to their respective grand openings. 

In the meantime Ford has released two new teaser videos that not only dive into some of the heritage that comes baked into the revived icon, but also even gives us a very compelling glimpse of the new model. This includes a more extensive preview of the exhaust note, which appears to indicate that the Bronco has a very good soundtrack when allowed to sing at full song. 



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