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Ford’s upcoming revival of the Bronco SUV is rapidly approaching its official unveiling, but while we have seen multiple teasers (including a “spy video”) produced by Ford themselves. It’s still unknown when the Bronco will exactly make its debut, with the company only revealing that it is appearing sometime in spring. But new information discovered by the folks at The Fast Lane Car appears to narrow the time frame for this debut.


According to the report, the Bronco would get its debut at the 2020 North American Auto Show in June which would actually make sense considering that Spring does formally end in the latter half of the month, and that NAIAS is traditionally a show with a strong presence by the Domestic Big 3.

The videos and teasers that have been released so far show heavily modified Ranger pickups which is mainly due to the Bronco sharing its platform and several key components with the pickup. The current pace of teasers released by the company appears to suggest that the unveiling could take place prior to the show, but Ford has so far not yet announced that is indeed the case.

As for the Bronco itself, look for the finished product to have a heavy retro theme with the front fascia having a clear 1960s motif. Look for some curves to make their appearance to help improve aerodynamics, but boxy functionality will be the key aesthetic themes here. As for performance, look for the Ranger DNA to be most prevalent under the hood with a 2.3 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine expected to appear at launch. S hybrid version could appear later, with a 10-speed automatic transmission being the sole gearbox avalible.

Like the Ranger, the Bronco could also get a hardcore Raptor version, though look for that model to appear well into the Bronco’s production run. But while the wait for that variant is still ongoing, even the mainstream Bronco should still be plenty of fun, with Ford stealing a few pages from the Jeep Wrangler’s playbook. This includes removable doors, as well as rumored removable roof panels.


When the Bronco eventually thunders its way to dealerships towards the end of the year, look for pricing to be firmly in the low to mid $30,000 range. Like the Wrangler, plenty of accessories will be avalible to help customize the Bronco, which in turn would help raise the price well past that.


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