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The road leading to the unveiling of the Ford Bronco is full of twists and turns, but a new spy video that has emerged allows us to get a compelling glimpse of the upcoming SUV’s off-road abilities. And the source of this video? None other than Ford, say what?

You heard that correctly, this video was actually produced by the Blue Oval themselves to help promote the iconic nameplate’s return to the marketplace. But source aside, the video does serve as a refresher into what the Bronco will bring to buyers, especially those that venture to the wilder sections of the trail. While the SUV itself is still under extensive amounts of camouflage, the viewer does get to see the rigorous beating that its exposed underpinnings endure when the prototype featured goes over tough obstacles.

As for the exterior styling, recent renderings floating around the internet suggest that the Bronco will be a decidedly boxy affair, with the design drawing much of its inspiration from the first generation model. The Baja blasting Bronco R serves as a basic template for the production version, but we say that in the figurative sense since many of the modifications that were needed for it to compete in the off-road race will not find their way into the civilian version. Instead, look for the mainstream Bronco to take aim at the Jeep Wrangler, with the Bronco featuring removable doors, and perhaps an option for removable roof panels to try and give off-road buyers a true wind in your hair experience.


As for the eventual reveal, Ford has not confirmed when it will take place, with the company only stating that it will take place sometime this spring. When it does happen, look for it to perhaps be one of the biggest events of 2020, with the world tuning in to see if the Bronco can be a key player in a utility focused lineup. In the meantime, you can view the video below, and begin counting down the days till the Bronco’s official debut.



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