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Hyundai’s Palisade N and Nexo N Are Ready To Strike Fools Gold At The Track


The Hyundai Palisade and Nexo SUVs certainly have the swagger, technology, and styling cred to help them stand out in their respective segments. But ever wondered what would happen if the mad scientists at the N sub-brand had their way with them?

Hyundai has revealed the answer via its annual April Fool’s day prank. This year, the South Korean automaker chose to release several obviously fake renderings onto its Instagram page, but they still manage to tickle the brain with thoughts of speedy utility, and three row track days with the kids in tow. In the case of the Palisade, the exterior styling retains much of the big ute’s three row profile. However, a dashing coat of Powder Blue paint is on hand, as well as a more pronounced lower body kit, as well as meaner wheels (spoke count unknown at this point.) Red brake calipers with prominent N-badging are also part of the rendered package.

As far as what we would like to see, the stock engine is obviously not up to par, so our cup of tea will either be the infusion of twin-turbocharging, or removing the V6 outright, and replacing it with the 419 horsepower 5.0 liter Tau V8. The addition of the V8 would help the Palisade be a formidable contender in the large performance SUV race, and a proper 0 to 60 time will help seal the deal.

In addition to the Palisade N, Hyundai also released a rendering of a proposed Nexo N that would take N in a rather intriguing direction towards performance. Like the Palisade, a trim exclusive body kit, bigger wheels, and new tires are covered in lovely powder blue wrapping paper. The bigger roof spoiler is a nice touch, and we like the way the front grille actually meshes with the front elements that were grafted onto the rendering by N designers. Unlike the Palisade, the Nexo is a trickier beast to tweak, with the all green SUV using hydrogen fuel cells and an all electric powertrain. Engineers could either soup up the electric motors, or just rip all of that out and install a traditional gasoline powered engine.


As mentioned, both of these models are not really headed to production, but we would be eager to see an N flavored Palisade perhaps as a N-Line model.


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