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Classic Volvo 6×6 Will Power Through Any Apocalypse, Can Be Yours For $14,100


With all the attention that Volvo’s traditional car and commercial truck businesses get for their impressive levels of safety and technology, some folks might be surprised to learn that Volvo also produced military vehicles during its long and iconic history. One of these special vehicles is for sale, and it has all your apocalypse related needs covered with the posting being first discovered by the folks at The Drive.


The vehicle in question is a 6×6 truck known as the Volvo C304 which was built by Volvo from 1974 to 1984, and were supplied in great numbers to the Swedish army. This particular one is a 1977 model, but it has been restored and even heavily modified by the seller to make it perhaps one of the most capable Volvos that we have yet seen. The radical rethink also caused the owner to formally rename the truck, with this C304 being dubbed the Volvo RLTGB1312 A MT. The overly elaborate moniker aside, the truck does boast an impressive spreadsheet of equipment.

This includes portal axles to help maximize ground clearance, with the owner actually taking it to the Ural Mountains on two separate occasions. The exterior styling is roughly what you would expect from a military vehicle, with the truck having a very boxy profile, and a very compact cab. The seller altered the location for the spare tire, with the rear door mounted unit being an improvement over the original design, which saw it mounted on top of the roof. 

Other upgrades include 37-inch mud terrain tires for all six wheels, and vacuum operated locking differentials. The original Volvo sourced engine has been pitched, with a new Land Rover sourced 300TDI engine. While this engine will never be known for its high horsepower numbers, it does jive with the low gearing wielded by the truck. This power plant also appears to not fear water too much, with some pictures showing the truck fording deep pools of water with no problem. 

However, the bulk of the changes are centered at the back of the TGB1312 where considerable effort has been made at transforming the rig into the ultimate survivalist motorhome. The back space can house up to three people, and houses three bunk beds to achieve the task. A wood fired stove is also on board, as well as a small TV to ensure that all occupants are sufficiently entertained. The truck can also carry up to 20 liters of drinking water, and 5.5 liters of gray water to cover sanitary related needs. Meanwhile, 220 volt outlets are scattered throughout the truck, with power coming from a motor driven generator to deliver true off the grid performance.


If this sounds like your kind of adventure rig, it is currently for sale, with the seller willing to offload it for just €13,000 which translates to roughly $14,100. The truck is currently being stored in Estonia, but it has been listed at Expedition Portal with more details being posted there.

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